Zoe Saldana Channels Prince for The Edit

The Edit Magazine pays tribute to music legend Prince on their latest cover story. Star Trek actress Zoe Saldana stars ont the cover story photographed fashion photographer Sebastian Kim. In charge of styling for ‘She’s Got The Look’ story was Tracy Taylor, art direction from Gemma Stark. Makeup by Vera Steimberg and hair styled by Franco Gobbi. Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-0

From Avatar’s Neytiri to Star Trek’s Uhura, actress ZOE SALDANA’s biggest roles have been outstanding. In Edit’s latest issue ere, Zoe pays homage to another otherworldly figure, Prince, as she tells JENNIFER DICKINSON about good men and empowering women.

“I know what it’s like to grow up with MTV, then be in a PLACE where you’re doing homework by CANDLELIGHT” Zoe said. She mentions this not as a lament, but to explain the impact of such varying influences on a young woman. “We moved to a small community: one culture, one religious belief, one opinion about

She further talks about ‘women in power’ “The HIGH road is saying, ‘You’re a d***! I’m not asking you to IDOLIZE me, I’m asking you to PAY me equally’” She added; “The responsibility can’t only fall on women in the public eye. The audience have the power,” says Saldana. “They are the ones buying the tickets to all these man-made movies. There are films being made by female directors, by female writers, with lead female roles, but women are not going to those movies. We’re going with our boyfriends to hold their f***ing hands to go see a movie that we couldn’t care less about!” She leans in now, hypnotic. “As women in positions of power, we have to use it to help other women. I got used to being the only girl in the room. Look at The Losers, look at Star Trek… It’s lonely! I couldn’t care less about male-driven stories and war movies, not because I’m not an intellectual individual, but because I want to know what’s happening to a woman.” Read more hereZoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-02 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-03 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-04 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-05 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-06 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-07 Zoe-Saldana-Edit-Magazine-Sebastian-Kim-08

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