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10 Products To Add To Your Beauty Cabinet This Summer

The weather may have been unsettling these past few days; but summer is officially here whether we like it or not. And now that we can meet up with family and friends, this means more of us outside and more exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity. While being outside is generally good for us, we need to take extra care of our skin. Luckily, here at FRUK, we are constantly testing products and new launches. In fact, we sample several hair and beauty products every day. So you can be rest assured that our recommendations have been put to the test. From new drops and cult buys to the most exciting classics, here are 10 products to add to your beauty cabinet this summer.

OLVERUM body polish skin

Olverum Body Polish, £38.00

Smooth your skin this summer with this brilliant Olverum Body Polish. A creamy body polish that exfoliates while remaining gentle on the skin. Packed with natural papaya enzyme to help dissolve dead skin, purifying clay to lift and rid impurities, and mechanical exfoliants such as bamboo and pumice to polish the skin giving an irresistible satin finish.

Radiant Glow Botanical Facial Scrub natural organic vegan skincare

Radiant Glow Botanical Facial Scrub, £17.99

You definitely need this rich facial scrub in your beauty cabinet this summer. Made with 99.9% plant-based organic ingredients to gently remove impurities, dead skin cells and unclog pores. Contains walnut shell, vitamin B and C, peppermint, tea tree as well as lemon. Plus a blend of exfoliating and astringent natural ingredients that work together to reveal softer, brighter, flawless-looking skin.

By Firdous Beauty Makeup Brush Set With Bag, £25.99

It’s time to upgrade your makeup brushes and achieve a flawless look with this premium set from By Firdous. Featuring a shiny white handle with rose gold finish. The set includes; a large fan brush, flat head foundation brush, powder/cheek brush, plus a soft face powder brush and roll-out bag. Specifically designed with functionality, durability, contemporary living and storage in mind.

Illamasqua Colour Correcting Bronzer Flare, £34

Whether it’s in your beauty cabinet or makeup bag, this incredible bronzer is a must-have this summer. Helps neutralise redness and balances skin tone while creating a natural, sun-kissed glow. Contains long-lasting formula that provides a natural looking, velvet, sun-kissed glow. Also helps sculpt, shade and contour your face. This bronzing duo offers cool and warm shades of light, medium, dark for a healthy looking bronzed complexion.

Glow – 8% Glycolic Acid Foaming Face Wash 150ml, £26.50

This glycolic acid face wash is specially formulated to gently eliminate impurities, remove dead skin cells as well as unblock pores – leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. It also boosts hydration and skin cell renewal while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it helps improve the absorption of your favourite skincare products, making it a perfect product to add to your beauty cabinet.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water 250ml, £11.00

Ditch the trends, this classic beauty product will always stand the test of time and it actually does the job perfectly. If you don’t already have this in your beauty cabinet then now’s the time to get one. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this soap-free micellar water solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It also removes water-resistant make-up and impurities while maintaining the skin’s PH balance. Now available in 1L size.

nuture serum

Nuture Facial Treatment Serum, £15.99

Nuture Facial Treatment Serum is formulated to help with post-blemish scars and hyperpigmentation. Contains super ingredients such as; Centella Extract, Arbutin and Bakuchiol (a gentle vegan alternative to Retinol). Paired with the power of Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic acid as well as Niacinamide. Perfect for nourishing the skin and treating uneven skin tone this summer.

hair scalp

Only Curls Exfoliating Scalp Scrub from £12

This stimulating scrub gently exfoliate, remove impurities, excess oil as well as dead skin cells on hair. In addition, it stimulates circulation for a healthy scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair. Contains a special blend of sugar, Himalayan salt, Avocado, Marula Oil and Olive Squalane for the ultimate hydration leaving the scalp moisturised and shiny.

false lashes

Pinky Goat Silk False Eyelashes – Sahar, £9.99

Looking for a glamourous look with extra volume this summer then look no further. This is what you’ve been looking for – these handcrafted false lashes are soft, light weight and reusable. Offers a natural look and can be worn up to 10 times! No mascara required! A stack of these in your beauty cabinet and you’re set all summer.

Bioderma spf sunshine sunlight protector

Bioderma Photoderm Mineral SPF50+ Spray, £16.80

Here’s something for the whole family – formulated for sensitive skin, gentle on skin and rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Offers a water-resistant formula and helps prevent the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and pigmentation. Suitable for adults and children and free from fragrances and parabens.

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