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2018 Beauty Trends Not To Be Missed

2018 has begun and so too has an array of beauty trends that are set to stay for the duration. Read on to discover some of the most popular beauty trends everyone will be enjoying this year.

1.No More Matte

Nix Cosmetics primer

The matte look seems to have taken a back seat and instead, a fresh dewy-looking complexion and getting your glow on, is big news. Make sure you are providing your skin with the optimal hydration and if necessary treat yourself to a new moisturiser and face oil. To achieve a naturally radiant look you might want to invest in a primer with light reflecting particles, such as an illuminating primer. We love Nyx Cosmetics Born To Glow (£12.50)

2.Foundation For Luminosity

There are several steps you can take to further enhance a luminous complexion. You can either buy a foundation with added glow capabilities or you can add a few drops of your illuminating primer to your foundation (this works just as well).

3.Non-Perfect Liner Effect And Coloured Liner

sleek makeup dip it black

Should you find yourself in a never-ending battle to achieve that perfect flick – breathe a sigh of relief as the battle is over. This year’s trend is to simply draw on your liner, however you prefer (within reason of course). If it is a little smudged, doesn’t have a flawless flick, then all the better – it doesn’t matter. Hooray! We love the new Sleek MakeUP Dip It Black, (£4.99)

A slight pop of colour to the lids (blues and oranges appear to be everywhere right now) is also a trend set to remain. As the natural look is so big, don’t go for a Ziggy Stardust effect, but a little coloured liner will go a long way.

4.Pretty Pink Cheeks

beach stick blusher

One of the beauty trends for 2018 is to have a fresh, natural yet luminous complexion, complete with blush (that’s right, contour is no longer a necessity). Fruk loves Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick (£30)

However, do not overdo the blush – less clown, but instead veer towards a subtler colour.

5.Swap Lipstick For Tinted Lip Balms

In keeping with the naturally radiant complexion, we are seeing less intensity when it comes to lipsticks, in favour of a hydrated lip and softer hue. Nip to the shop and bag yourself a few tinted lip balms.


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