4 Beauty New Year Resolutions To Keep

2018 is finally here and so, too is the plethora of New Year’s resolutions that span from keeping hold of the TV remote more often to planning on tackling Mount Everest. However, our beauty situation is one area where we could all do with a small overhaul. Make these little changes and you and your skin will feel 100 times better this year.


Gif of primary nail polishes

That’s right people – it’s time to be ruthless and throw out all of your old makeup and skincare products. If that eyeliner or nail varnish is just a pathetic blobby mess, just throw it away. This is the perfect excuse for going out and treating yourself to some brand new beautiful products to excel your beautiful self into 2018 with pure joy.


gif of woman with makeup sponges

Never underestimate the power of a clean makeup brush, cleanser or sponge. Should your beauty tools be looking more like go away than go-to, spend a few minutes returning them to their original cleanliness. Your skin will thank you for it.

3.Invest In Silk


Have you been sleeping on the same old pillowcases for, like, ever? It’s time to ditch them and invest in some satin or silk pillowcases. These reduce the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, you will feel unbelievably pampered and we can guarantee your precious sleep time will feel so much better. We love Elle Silk pillowcases ($39).

4.Face Oils


Face oils became big news last year, and yet surprisingly not many people know about them. Face oils are an essential part of an optimal skincare routine, offering exceptional benefits for your complexion. Once you try face oils there is no looking back. We love Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate (£37). Should you have dehydrated and tired skin, before you sleep, slap a little of this gem of an oil on and you will awaken to a complexion of pure radiance!

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