5 Beauty Tips You Need to Know

We all want to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to our beauty, we want quick, easy and effective results. We have five simple, painless, effortless and straightforward beauty tips, tricks and techniques you need to know, to banish those under-eye bags, to avoid those annoying lip stains, to make those nails dry quicker, to bid goodbye to those tragically filled-in brows and where to spray your perfume, to make it last all day!

Under-Eye Brightness

To brighten up your whole under-eye area, draw a triangle pointing toward your cheek with concealer which is a shade lighter than your skin tone under your eyes. Applying concealer this way, gives you an instant lift as well as hides those dark circles.

Under-Eye Brightness beauty tip
Image source: Cosmopolitan.com

Longer-lasting non-stain lips

Make your lipstick last longer and avoid leaving those dreaded lipstick stains when you drink from a glass. Dust a powder over your lipstick; then re-apply another layer of lipstick and you’re good to go. The powder you use can be anything from your favourite translucent compact powder or even a blusher which matches your lipstick.

Quickly Dried Nails

You’ve spent hours painting your nails and just when you thought they were dry, you get something out of your purse, of course you were wrong and your nails are ruined! As anyone who has tried to dry their freshly painted nails at home, knows it really does seem to take forever ! It actually takes 24 hours for nail polish to completely dry! So to speed up the nail drying process, grab a bowl of ice cold water and dip in your nails in it straight after painting them, keeping them in the bowl for 2-3 minutes.

Image source: www.stylefashionista.com
Image source: www.stylefashionista.com

The perfect Brow

To fill in your brows make tiny hair-like strokes using either a pencil or brow powder with an angled brush. To give your brow a sharper shape, use a brow pencil to outline the start of the under area of your brow and make sure you blend it in using a spoolie brush. Add a little bit of concealer under your arch and blend to brighten up the brow area, and accentuate the shape of the brow. If you don’t know how to shape your brows it’s best to follow their natural shape, tweeze any strays outside of the areas with the most hair and fill in with light hair-like strokes.

Image Source: The Guardian

Lasting Scent

Drowning yourself in perfume is not the answer to making the scent last longer! I you want your perfume to last throughout the day, you have to spritz, spray and squirt the scent on your hot spots! The specific areas of your body which heat up keeping the aroma locked in. We’re talking about behind your ears and knees, inside your elbows, in your hair, belly button area-where your belly creases and down your back!

Image Source: Marie Claire

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