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5 Body Oils For The Perfect Summer Glow 2021

Whether you are planning on going abroad this summer, or staying in the UK, all of us want that healthy summer glow. Even if you’re stuck in a beach hut down in Brighton and its pouring down with rain. These products will make sure you look like you’ve just been vacationing in the Bahamas as your skin will be glowing!

SUMMER FRIDAYS’ Pool Time Glowing Body Oil £34

Informative Image of Summer Fridays body oil for glowing skin.

SUMMER FRIDAYS’ new summer release of their glowing body oil will give you that golden glow you aspire to have. Your skin will look healthy due to the blend of macadamia and jojobas oils but also hydrated and nourished. You will intoxicate others with the coconut, almond and vanilla blossom scent. So, even if you don’t manage to get to lounge by the pool this summer, at least your skin will be glowing like you have.

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SUNDAY RILEY’S Fairy Godmother Shimmering Body Oil Gel £42

Informative Image of Sunday Riley's body oil for glowing skin.

If your skin needs a little magic then this vitamin C enriched oil-gel hybrid formula will be your fairy godmother. This dry body oil will absorb quickly into your skin and it’s packed with THB ascorbates that will protect your skin from damages caused by aggressors like stress, pollution and sun. This oil will protect your skin and leave it glowing!

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LIVE TINTED Hueglow £32

Informative Image of LIVE TINTED body oil for glowing skin.

If you suffer from sensitive skin then you want The Hueglow. This product is completely vegan and fragrance free with no nasty parabens, sulphates or alcohol. It also comes in two shades, Dawn (a pretty rose gold) and Dusk (a golden summer bronze). The Serum like consistency for this body oil means that you will have no trouble adding the Hueglow to your makeup routine. You can use it as a primer or rub it on your body to get that lit from within look.

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LANCASTER Golden Tan Maximiser After Sun Oil £24

Informative Image of Lancaster's body oil for glowing skin.

When the sun comes out, you’ll be wanting to make the most of the sun and we don’t blame you. However, you will want to protect your skin from sun damage as much at possible. The LANCASTER’s after sun body oil will sooth and hydrate your skin during its natural recovery process whilst also reducing skin from peeling. This oil will prolong your tan, so you will be walking around town looking like a golden goddess.

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ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil £43

Informative Image of Anastasia's body oil for glowing skin.

Are you ready to take your glow to new heights? Do you want to smell like a coconut? Then you want to buy this lightweight shimmering body oil that is infused with sweet almond and jojoba seed oil. You will love how radiant your skin will look once you applied this oil all over your body. It won’t matter if it rains all summer in Britain because you will be able to fake the golden glow with Anastasia’s body oil.

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