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5 Box Braids Styles That Will Turn Heads

It’s the winter protective season, which means its time to put your maine in hibernation. The styles from the naughty 90’s are making a come back in both fashion and hair. Fancy a change? Do you like box braids, but find you don’t know how to style it, we have 5 easy styles you can try at home. There is something about braids that bring out the Nubian goddess in you, makeup or no makeup your face just looks slayed. There are a few celebrities who wear it so well.

The Bun

  1. Gather all the braids with an extra-large hair band, into a high ponytail.
  2. Take sections of the hair and either braid or twist it.
  3. Wrap the larger twist or braid around until braids forms a bun shape.
  4. Pin with hair grips to stay in place

Voila you have the bun!

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Bun with the back loose

  1. Section the braids, so the back is left loose.
  2. Gather the rest of the braids into a high ponytail.
  3. Wrap the larger twist or braid around until braids forms a bun shape.
  4. Pin with hair grips to stay in place
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Double Bun

  1. Section braids into two high ponytails using extra-large hairbands, you can leave some braids loose at the back depending on what look you’re going for.
  2. Section the braids and twist or braid.
  3. Wrap the larger twists or braids until it forms a bun.
  4. Use hair grips to hold the hair in place
  5. Repeat for the second ponytail.

The look is complete.

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The Hippie

  1. Gather a few braids from underneath, 2-3 from each side.
  2. Bring the gathered braids above the bulk of the braids and tie into a bow/knot.
  3. To accessorize add some festival flowers, Topshop is great for hair accessories.
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High Ponytail – Gather all the braids into one high ponytail using an extra-large hair band; make sure each braid is neatly added. Play with the braids until the desired look is achieved.

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