Swiss clinic hand mask

5 Hand Masks That Are Worth The Hype

There’s nothing like winter to make your hands look like you’ve taken a job in industrial cleaning without available gloves. If you have neglected your hands somewhat, we recommend giving them a little more TLC than a dollop of hand cream. Some hand masks are worth the hype. Check out these fabulous hand masks that will make you look forward to ditching the gloves.

1.Sephora Hand Mask £6,


They make look a tad odd and feel somewhat bizarre, but they are so beneficial for your hands. Sephora’s Aloe Vera Hand Mask offers a truly pampering treatment of which intensely moisturises and soothes to reveal super-soft skin once again. Also available is the Argan Hand Mask and Avocado Hand Mask.

2.Magicstripes Hand Repairing Gloves, £28 (for 3), look

These incredible Magicstripes Magic Hands Hand Repairing Gloves are brimming with natural extracts, active molecules, shea butter and olive oil of which triggers the skin’s renewal process, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst providing sun protection. The outcome is rejuvenated and silky-soft hands.

3.FACEINC by NAILSINC Shine Bright Moisturising & Anti-Aging Glove Masks, £6.40,

Bursting with collagen and multivitamins, these highly beneficial anti-aging gloves ensure your hands are brighter, firmer and totally hydrated.

4.Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Mask, £4,

Oh K! hand mask

Should your hands be suffering from being overworked, this awesome moisturising hand mask is exactly what you need. The serum delivers much-needed nourishment to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Masks are available at:

5.Swiss Clinic Hand Restoring Dry Mask, £24,

Swiss clinic hand mask

Given the fact we love the professional results that Swiss Clinic provide with their face products, their hand masks are likely to be of similar standard. The hand mask treatment provides beautifully smooth and soft skin, and we love, love, love! Buy Swiss Clinic’s Hand Restoring Dry Masks here.



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