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5 Of The Most Romantic Scents For Him

Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day may be, make sure you spoil him (and yourself) by treating him to a scent that keeps the mood unequivocally romantic the entire night long. Discover the best colognes for a truly seductive Valentine’s Day to remember.

1.Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Toilette Spray, £60,

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Wrap your senses in pure pleasure as you breathe in the sensual aroma of exotic florals and musk on a bed of warm woody notes such as oak moss. This modern fragrance is unbelievably sexy. Buy here

2.Dior Homme By Christian Dior, £79,


Dior Homme encompasses timeless sophistication. Including base notes of amber, a heart of lavender and iris and top notes of cool bergamot and sage, this captivating signature scent is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

3.Chanel Egoiste Platinum Eau De Toilette Spray, £70,

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There’s no disputing that Chanel makes incredible fragrances and Egoiste Platinum Eau De Toilette Spray is unmistakably one of the best. Combining top notes of bergamot and rosewood, a heart of ylang-ylang, jasmine and vetivier, that work in optimal harmony with the velvety base notes of amber, cedar and sandalwood ensures this exquisite scent will transform the dullest evening into one of pure desire.

4.Gucci Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme, £43.45,


The amazing Gucci Gucci Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray evokes an irresistible mood of desire, intrigue and passion. Breathe in the warm, silky notes of bergamot, cypress and violet and let your senses become encompassed by a heart of tobacco leaves and jasmine. Base notes of amber, Elemi and patchouli make the perfect marriage, thus creating a scent that is truly unforgettable.

5.Baldessarini by Hugo Boss Cologne, £22.95,

Should your man enjoy a scent of which evokes pure strength and masculinity, this is the signature scent for him. You can expect a refreshing and slightly spicy fragrance that combines cloves, bitter orange, tangerine and mint with calming notes of chamomile. This gorgeous scent by Hugo Boss exudes confidence, sophistication and pure class. Fruk loves this!

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