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5 Spotify Playlists that gives you the Motivation to Clean Up

Cleaning and tidying up never sounds fun, however, there are playlists out on Spotify that can upgrade your cleaning experience. Housework doesn’t have to be boring, you can have fun while getting your house clean. Here’s a handful of playlists to check out to help make cleaning that little bit easier for you.

1. Sing Your Heart Out made by Jazzymonftw

This playlist may not be specific to get you in the mood to clean but it certainly helps! For instance, you can listen to a variety of artists such as Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Adele and Queen B herself. That is to say, you will be singing your heart out, mopping the floor so you’ll find that time really does fly by.

2. Liquid Drum and Bass 2021

This genre of music is becoming popular over the years and when you listen to it you can hear why that is. It is time to get those windows open, let the sunshine in and you will not be able to clean again without this playing in the background. Listening to this playlist while doing the housework will give you the getting ready for summer vibes you need.

3. Bluetooth Classics

This playlist is for the millennials out there! Throwing it back to the school days on the back of the bus with the Sony Ericsson playing ‘Heartbroken by T2’. Now we are all adults and most of us have our own homes to clean, this playlist is for you. While remembering the good old school days listening to the likes of Plan B, N-Dubz, Akon and Tinie Tempah, you will be dancing around the house like nobody is watching.

4. Monday Motivation

The name speaks for itself! Above all, this is the perfect playlist to get you up and roaring because there are days where you just cannot be bothered to clean and you know it has got to be done. This is the playlist that will fill you with serotine and get you up and moving! It does not have to be Monday to get motivated! Any day, any time, this playlist has got you!

5. Easy 00s

This playlist gives you smooth, easy tunes from the noughties classics, taking you down memory lane with the stunning voice of Christina Aguilera, Westlife and more. Meanwhile, having this playlist in the background you will feel chilled out and ready to rest and enjoy in your freshly clean home.

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