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7 Physical Things Men Hate About Women

In today’s Insta-snappy world, women strive to emulate what they perceive to be perfection – however, some crucial attributes are often overlooked. Discover 7 physical things men hate about women:

1.Body Hair

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Most men would agree there isn’t much point in spending hours on your makeup and outfit, if you then neglect basic hair removal. Many guys consider it totally cringe-worthy to jump into bed next to a woman who has taken au naturel to the next level. Ladies, always be good-to-go.

2.Fake Bake

There’s no denying that the tanned physique is attractive. What doesn’t appeal to guys is the orange look, or waking up to satsuma-stained sheets. Never a good look.

3.False Eyelashes

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We love them – in fact we can’t seem to get enough of them, but men – not so much. Guys love it when women don’t look false. There’s also nothing worse than being mid-love to witness an eyelash half way down her face. The answer is really strong glue, or better mascara.

4.Rainbow Hair/Grey Hair

Yes, we are aware these were huge trends, but this is 2017 and these styles are not that hot for guys.

5.Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are adored by many ladies, but sadly men in general do not share our enthusiasm. Feeling glue or someone else’s hair will kill the passion. The general rule is if it’s fake it’s not great.

6.No Effort

On the other end of the scale, men are not enamoured with ladies that leave their hair a week between washes or a year between cuts.

7.Nail Art

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Guys probably find nail art bizarre, fascinating and quite clever. The majority of men do not find it particularly attractive. Bubble nail art was especially repellent to guys (and if we’re honest, women).