KIND WOMAN UK: A Movement Rooted in Kindness & Empowerment Aiding Women, Mothers and Children in Need

KIND WOMAN UK is a movement rooted in kindness, self-love, self-confidence, self-growth and empowerment. KIND WOMAN UK is on a mission to provide unwavering support to women and mothers facing tough times, mental health challenges, and loss. They believe that when women, mothers, and their babies are well-supported and have access to opportunities, it not only strengthens their families but also contributes to the development of successful communities. KIND WOMAN stand alongside women, mothers and children in the areas of Water, Food, Health, Education, and Empowerment.


“This movement was born from the loss of my first child – I was induced for an emergency delivery and gave birth to a baby girl who endured numerous complications and sadly passed away seven days later. KIND WOMAN was created to honour her. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with another child, who is now a few years old. Through this blessing, I have found peace, healing, and rediscovered self-love. Nothing can truly prepare a woman for the excruciating pain of losing a child. For a long time I was unhappy, depressed, and lacked confidence in myself. It has taken me years of practicing self-love, self-care and positive self-talk to finding ‘me’ again.

This personal journey serves as the driving force behind KIND WOMAN. My vision is to extend this healing and love to every woman trying to navigate her unique path. And I truly believe that you can embrace your fullest potential and be the healthiest version of yourself despite your challenges. I also created this platform to help others be reminded of what phenomenal beings we are and always will be. And every woman and mother deserves to be celebrated, seen, heard, and loved through her battles.” – Founder: Elizabeth A.O

KIND WOMAN also provides a safe and nurturing space for building your confidence, self-belief, and self-image. Our purpose is to be a force for hope and healing, helping every woman find her strength, voice, and resilience. We envision a society where every woman and mother is surrounded by the essential resources to support herself and provide for her babies. We emphasise the importance of self-love and self-care, recognising that nurturing oneself is an integral aspect of nurturing your children. And through our workshops and events we can form strong relationships, get the help we need and build confidence that can help us overcome obstacles and achieve incredible goals without fear.

In a society where kindness is replaced with judgment, many women and mothers navigate their intricate journeys feeling unseen and unheard. The struggles of women and mothers go unnoticed but we are on a mission to change that and bring awareness to these distressing issues. We believe that a conversation, helping hand, as well as emotional and mental support have the power to make a difference. Women empowering women, Mothers empowering mothers! Together we can collectively create a ripple effect that leads to a positive change not just for women, mothers, their children but also for the society as a whole. 

Do donate and support please visit

All donations go towards providing meals, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities for vulnerable women, mothers and children in need in Nigeria and UK. Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY!

You can also visit this page for KIND WOMAN’s first exclusive charity event celebrating the resilience and achievements of remarkable women in the UK doing incredible things despite all odds. Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2024, just in time for International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day – proceeds from this special event will go towards providing meals for vulnerable mothers and children in need on Mother’s Day. | @kindwomanuk All participants must register. Please visit link below to get your tickets now!!!

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