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Look Back At Some Iconic Outfits From KUWTK

The end has come. After 20 seasons and 14 years, the beloved Keeping Up With The Kardashians has come to an end. Throughout the 14 year run the family have lived under the public eye. The show gave us an insight into the lavish lifestyles of the Calabasas queens. Now it is time to take a look back at some of the iconic outfits from all KUWTK 20 seasons.

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In The Beginning

It would be impossible to start of this list without mentioning this dress. Kim Kardashian, who was the centre of the show at the beginning, wore this leopard print dress. This was for the promotional photo shoot for the KUWTK first season back in 2007. Following the cancellation of the show Kim posted the iconic photo shoot to announce the show is ending. Like all things, the show had to end at some point. With one era coming to an end, fans are wondering – what may be coming next?

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The Most Exciting Kardashian To Look At

An honourable mention as this outfit wasn’t directly in the show. Eldest sister, Kourtney wore this purple dress from La Perla’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Prior to this, sister Kim had referred to her older sister as the least exciting to look at. Kourtney quickly proved that wrong when she decided to wear this dress to her youngest sister Kylie’s 21st birthday. It has been explicitly said that Kourtney was not as upset as the rest of the family when discussing the end of the era of the Kardashians. However, we got some iconic moments and outfits from her over the 14 year run.

A Look Back At Some Iconic Outfits From Keeping Up With The Kardashians Show

The Devil Works Hard But Kris Jenner Works Harder

In a season 14 episode, Momager Kris, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney all decided to emulate Miranda Preistly from The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Steep plays Miranda Priestly in the hit movie. During the episode, mom Kris sports a platinum blonde wig and a white and red floral outfit with matching red boots. Kris emulating this character so perfectly led to one of the most iconic outfits and moments on the show. The Momager is romancing business executive Corey Gamble for the past six years and possibly marriage is on the cards for the couple. Kris who previously dated Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner) is still on respectable terms.

2019 met gala

Baby Billionaire

Kylie Jenner, youngest of the family has changed dramatically since she was first seen on the show. When KUWTK began Kylie, like her sister Kendall were both young children. Throughout the show we have seen the family attend many lavish events. Arguably one of the most special events is the annual MET Gala. Kylie wore a lavender Versace gown with matching purple giant feather sleeves. The billionaire mogul showed her nerves in the episode of KUWTK. Model sister, Kendall Jenner showed support for her sister by distracting her with a different conversation.


The Highest Paid Supermodel

The supermodel sister who is a little private than her sisters, does not shy away from serving us looks too hot to handle. This one in particular is from the Met Gala 2017 and leaves us speechless till date. The black sheer dress is designed from La Perla Haute Couture paired along with classic black Louboutins.

Baby Mama Khloe

Christmas in Kardashian households are always over the top. The Mommy and daughter duo was spotted wearing matching outfits during the Christmas celebration 2018. Designed by Monika Ivena, the duo gracefully carried the outfits. Khloe’s huge tulle skirt was the one that captivated us the most. The baby mama is done for good with former beau Tristan after multiple cheating incidents and is moving on.

It’s Kim again!

Looks unrealistic! We can’t take our eyes off her. The Versace gold dress was a huge hit and is till date considered an iconic look by Kimberly and we totally stand by it. Indeed it took her a few flop looks to look this stunning today!

It’s Party Time

It was Kylie’s bff, Anastasia aka Stassie Baby’s birthday and Kenny was spotted wearing a matching crop top and wide pants set. Channeling her inner 60’s vibe.

Kim Kardashian In Snakeskin Print Pants

The Post Divorce Glow

Now this is what happens ladies when you listen to your heart and choose what’s right for you. Kim and Kanye filed for divorce back in February and looks like both of them are having the time of their lives. During the filming of the last and current season of KUWTK, Kim admitted that she felt like a loser. If rumours are to be believed, Kanye already moved on with Russian model Irina Shayk. While Kim is enjoying her sweet single time with family and close friends. The businesswoman is currently exporing Rome and is all giggly and interactive with fans and media, unlike in Kanye’s era. Also, the goddess of contour is focusing on expanding her cosmetic line, KKW Beauty. And please make way for the billionaire #2 in the fam as per Forbes (April edition).

Written by Luke Severn and Nitisha Nagpal

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