Achieve A Perfect Pout For International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day Is on Friday 6thJuly. Make sure your mouth is irresistibly kissable with the Beverley Hills Perfect White Range and Jolen Crème Bleach.

1.Perfect White Toothpaste, £5.99,


Begin the mouth-perfecting process by brushing with Perfect White toothpaste. The formula contains hydrated silica to offer that extra whitening boost. The pentasodium triphosphate agent effectively thwarts pesky food particles from resting on or between your teeth, (therefore putting a stop to any tooth-related embarrassing moments).

There’s nothing worse than using a whitening formula and spending the next two weeks holding your mouth and wincing at hideously awful tooth sensitivity. In contrast, the Perfect White Toothpaste is proven to remove over 90% of stains with low abrasion. Hooray!

2.The Perfect White Black Mouthwash, £4.49,


After brushing your teeth reach for the Perfect White Black Mouthwash. Combining Activated Charcoal, this fantastic formula not only eradicates bacteria but is also scientifically formulated to neutralise any bad odours so that your breath maintains a long-lasting freshness.  With this mouthwash you can rest assured that whether you enjoy a kiss in the morning or evening your breath will be totally inviting.

Key Benefits:

Scientifically Formulated To Combat Bad Breath

Activated Charcoal

Perfect Stain Removal

Long-Lasting Freshness

3.Jolen Crème Bleach, £4.35,


Upper lip hair can make us feel self-conscious and definitely not in a kissable mood. Don’t let this problem ruin your day – simply opt for Jolen’s Crème Bleach and you will soon be feeling confident and ready to pucker up (now all you need to do is find someone you would like to kiss).

Jolen Crème Bleach can be used to lighten both body and facial hair in just 10 minutes. Even the most sensitive areas can be treated, and skin colour is unaffected.

This International Kissing Day achieve some unforgettable kisses (for the right reasons). Preparation is key!

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