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Achieve A Perfect Smile With The Brand-New Billion Dollar Smile Charcoal Tooth Polish

We all want our pearly whites to remain just that, but many of us fall into the trap of using tooth whitening pastes that end up causing us so much sensitivity, that whiteness is the last thing on our minds! Thankfully, Billion Dollar Smile has come up with a brand-new polish, formulated with natural ingredients that are proven to achieve the same outstanding results but without none of the nasty parabens or side effects. Hooray!

Created by dentists and made in the UK, the Billion Dollar Smile Charcoal Tooth Polish offers a unique blend of natural coconut oil, charcoal and pineapple enzyme of which provides gentle yet powerful whitening results. This product is so kind to your teeth it can be used every day, in place of your usual toothpaste. We tried this tooth polish for two weeks – the outcome being significantly whiter teeth without the dreaded sensitivity!

Key Benefits:

1.Activated Charcoal

billion dollar smile polish

Known to effectively remove plaque and other compounds that can stain the teeth, activated charcoal is a far safer whitening option to other products and provides successful results.

2.Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is included in the Billion Dollar Smile Tooth Polish due to the fact that it offers the highest source of lauric acid – a component proven to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria that can otherwise lead to bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, research has shown this ingredient to greatly diminish plaque build-up.

3.Pineapple Enzyme

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Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, an anti-inflammatory agent that destroys plaque build-up and works as an effective natural stain remover.

About Billion Dollar Smile Cosmetics:

Billion Dollar Smile provide a range of clinically tested and non-peroxide products that allow you to give your smile some TLC whilst safely achieving those much sought-after gleaming gnashers.

The Billion Dollar Smile brand is ever-growing in popularity amongst celebrities and public alike.  Some celebrity fans include stars from The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Ex on the Beach and the X-Factor.

Billion Dollar Smile currently has 1/3 off full price of their full range at Superdrug, valid until 21st August, 2018.

Billion Dollar Smile Charcoal Tooth Polish is priced at just £7.32 (usually £10.99).To view and buy this product, visit: your local Superdrug store or online at:

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