Snow algae sheet mask
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Achieve Ageless Beauty With Timeless Truth Snow Algae Sheet Masks

Does your skin feel so damaged or dehydrated that every product you try just doesn’t do enough? Timeless Truth’s brand new and extraordinary Snow Algae sheet mask may solve your skin care concerns.

As soon as we heard about Timeless Truth’s new Snow Algae mask, we couldn’t wait to try it. Containing well-researched properties to nurture and revive the skin, this exceptional sheet mask actively rejuvenates the visage.

Where Does Snow Algae Plants Come From?

Timeless Truth snow algae sheet mask
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The truly robust snow algae plant is forced from glaciers and compact snow in Switzerland. Due to its extreme environment, the plant must be unbelievably strong in order to survive. Growing in such surroundings ensures that the snow algae’s ingredients combine immensely nurturing, protecting, and rejuvenating properties that in turn will offer amazing benefits for the skin.

What Makes Glacial Snow Algae and Hyaluronic Acid Bio Cellulose Masks So Successful?

Snow algae sheet mask
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Included in award winning Timeless Truth’s Snow Algae Sheet Mask is a rich source of hyaluronic acid, of which is found naturally in the human body. Age and environmental damage cause this component to diminish, which leads to a loss of collagen, thus bringing about those pesky signs of aging. The fast absorption of hyaluronic acid and snow algae into the skin revives your complexion, hydrates and plumps out the skin, significantly reducing unwanted lines and wrinkles.

This sheet mask is referred to as ‘ageless beauty’ for a good reason: The snow algae extract boosts the production of collagen, then targets and rebuilds the skin’s damaged network structure.

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Timeless Truth’s Snow Algae Sheet Masks provide a creamy and lightweight serum that is suitable for every skin type. It’s rich moisturising capabilities ensure your skin will look amazingly hydrated, moisturised, and youthful.

We are astounded with the results of the Snow Algae Sheet Mask. It can be used a corrective treatment for aging, damaged and dehydrated skin, but this product also works wonders as preventative skincare.

The fact these are bio cellulose masks guarantee the use of biodegradable and natural fibres.

Timeless Truth Snow Algae Sheet Masks cost £7.90 each, or £38.50 for a box of 5.

For more information and to buy this or any other Timeless Truth sheet mask, visit:

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