Achieve Perfect Brows With The WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel

Achieving perfectly groomed brows is more often than not a painstaking task. Shut the door on stress and instead reach for the WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel. The reason this eyebrow gel is fast-becoming the #1 go-to product is due to its ability to provide fast, flawless looking brows that last up to 3 day days!

No matter what your eyebrow shape may be, the WUNDERBROW Gel works seamlessly to define, fill sparse areas and thicken, thus creating perfect looking natural brows you will love.

The natural looking gel is infused with hair-like fibres that fill and sculpt your eyebrows, with incredible result. Furthermore, this amazing gel is totally smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof; it will even last for up to 3 days. No more panicking about whether you are missing half an eyebrow after a night in the club!

Additionally, this product is cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Do not worry about finding a shade to suit – WUNDERBROW has got you covered with 5 natural colours designed to suit every individual need.

The WUNDERBROW Gel’s 5 awesome shades are:

Wunderbrot eyebrow gel


You will find this shade will fit most blondes, unless you want to set your blonde hair against a bold, darker colour.


Again, unless you want to opt for a darker brow shade, this colour will perfectly suit most brunettes.


If your complexion is an olive shade, the black/brown will be the ideal gel for you.

4.Jet Black

Jet black will suit those with black hair and people with a darker skin tone. This colour of brow gel also looks incredible if you choose to go for a bold statement look.


If you are a redhead, opt for this colour!


The beauty about WUNDER2 Cosmetics is the extensive research undertaken to provide you with a superior eyebrow gel that ticks all the boxes. Their Permafix Technology locks WUNDERBROWS colour pigments and fibres onto the skin for up to 3 days, with no fear of any fading, flaking or smudging. However, it is so lightweight, the face remains feeling so comfortable, you almost forget you are wearing any eyebrow gel at all.

Directions For Use:

Before you begin, make sure your brows are clean and dry.

Using short and soft strokes apply the WUNDERBROW Gel to any sparse areas. Take the angled brow brush and use as required.

Using the spoolie applicator, softly brush upwards and outwards, distributing evenly. If necessary, follow by reapplying more gel to gain the desired coverage.

This product can be easily removed by using an oil-based cleanser. Try the handy little WUNDERCLEANSE Eyebrow Gel Remover, which fits discreetly in your clutch bag.

The WUNDERBROW D-FINE is the perfect quick-fix on-the-go touch-up solution!

The WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel is priced at £19.95.

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