Achieve The Glass Hair Look With The Help Of Philip Kingsley

Instagram has been flooded with pictures of A-listers with the trending bob cuts this summer, which then progressed to the very gorgeous glass hair trend. Achieve this super-sleek and polished look with the help of these two awesome products by Philip Kingsley.

What Exactly Is Glass Hair And Do We Really Want It? 

Glass hair is the term used to describe a flawlessly polished and shiny hairdo which looks as reflective, sleek and sharp as glass. If you glance through the Instagram posts of the likes of Jenna Dewan, Jordan Dunn, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, they all have one thing in common – their glass hair looks are sheer perfection. You could be forgiven for thinking they may actually be pictures of dolls – either that are the pictures have been subject to some serious photoshopping. In fact, this incredible look can be achieved by of all us sheer mortals, with the aid of Philip Kingsley’s Preen Cream and Finishing Touch Hairspray.

1.Philip Kingsley Preen Cream, £19.50 (100ml),


So, you’ve acquired the sharp haircut and now you need the right products to look as polished as your fave celebs.  This trend dominated the internet during the height of summer and it appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable.  Lose the frizz and create Insta-worthy intense shine with Philip Kingsley’s Preen Cream.

The exceptional results that this product very quickly delivers literally left us astounded. Ideal for fine hair, this lightweight cream absorbs straight into the hair without detection, making it immediately frizz-free, incredibly manageable and so shiny you might consider patenting it as a new type of mirror. (Perhaps, not quite, but you catch our drift.)

Philip Kingsley has formulated this product with highly researched ingredients to enable the perfection we crave. Loaded with specific antioxidants, vitamins and conditioning agents, this innovative Preen Cream ensures each strand of hair is thoroughly moisturised so dry ends appear to have vanished without adding any weight. Together with the cream’s anti-static properties, this product creates that much sought-after glass hair look. What is more, hairstyling can be achieved in a fraction of the time!

Key Benefits:

Ideal for fine hair.

Anti-static properties ensure your hair remains frizz-free, manageable and glossy.

For use on wet or dry hair.

Ultra-lightweight styling cream.

Designed to stimulate effects of duck preening which are smooth, shiny and protected.

A Weightless Formula That Adds moisture and shine.

Smooths and seals the hair to reduce the appearance of dry ends.

Reduces static and frizz; hair is smoother and offers a reflective shine.

2.Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Hairspray, £10 (100ml),


Ensure you maintain your perfectly styled hair with Philip Kingsley’s Finishing Touch Hairspray. This product enables a super long-lasting yet flexible hold, texture with natural control, and all without a trace of irksome crispy stiffness. This hairspray is invisible to the eye and hair has natural movement. The product’s sophisticated strong-hold polymers guarantee weightless strength. Once you have achieved your style, apply the Finishing Touch Hairspray and enjoy!

Philip Kingsley’s Finishing Touch Hairspray is suitable for fine, medium, coarse and Afro-Caribbean hair types.

Key Benefits:


Offers flexibility, strength and weightlessness.

Both enhances and protects all styles.

Provides reflective shine.

Long-lasting flexible hold, texture and natural control without stiffness

Keeps curls and waves in place for up to 24 hours.

Weatherproof formula protects hair against humidity and frizz.

Fresh floral fragrance.

If you like these products, why not try Philip Kingsley’s PK Prep Polishing Balm (£20)? To view and buy these and other Philip Kingsley products visit:

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