Answer Your Skin Prayers With Kypwell’s Outstanding Face Masks

Whether your skin is in need of nourishment, rejuvenation or help with acne-prone and oily skin, the beauty masks from premium new brand Kypwell are a total beauty game changer. Providing your skin with the ultimate TLC, their masks effectively deal with an array of skin concerns, delivering truly outstanding results.

Kypwell has combined centuries of herbal knowledge with the latest in science to offer natural, holistic and high-performance skincare products that make a real difference to the skin. They provide creams, serums, tonics and oils to target a variety of beauty concerns and needs. We checked out Kypwell’s Rejuvenating Beauty Mask and Intense Cleansing Mask. Read on:

1.Kypwell Dynamic Rejuvenating Mask For Normal To Dry Skin £54 (50ml)


Should you feel your skin is looking a little lacklustre or in need of some serious rejuvenating action, check out this mask. Including a special blend of powerful ingredients such as phyto oils, proteins, plant glucose and xylitol, your complexion will receive that much sought-after super-boost of hydration and nourishment that would even improve skin that’s been stranded in the desert for a week! Kypwell’s dynamic holistic extracts must be sprinkled with magic, we think!

Phyto oils such as almond, borage, jojoba and avocado oils work in unison with the potent combination of plant glucose and xylitol, to richly hydrate and nourish and repair dry skin, ensuring your complexion looks and feels thoroughly rejuvenated. Furthermore, their highly researched combination of dynamic holistic extracts including: mallow, dandelion, ginseng, iris root, centella, almond and oat seeds proteins, support the promotion of new skin cell development, whilst diminishing any dry skin and replacing it with enviable radiance.

Key Ingredients / Benefits

Phyto Oils:


Almond oil is exceptionally moisturising and packed with vitamin E to protect and repair the skin.

Borage Oil:

When it comes to restoring moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin, this natural oil is a little miracle worker. It even helps those with dermatitis and eczema.


This is a super-effective dry skin treatment with moisturising and protectant qualities, whilst simultaneously hydrating and repairing skin.


Avocado is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to aid the skin in remaining healthy, soft and smooth. This component massively replenishes dry skin and even offers protection against UV rays.

Holistic Extracts:

Combined is an array of dynamic holistic extracts of which are specifically formulated to stimulate the development of new skin cells and remove all trace of dryness. Hooray!


This ingredient is combined as it can help the skin retain its natural moisture and boost levels of hyaluronic acid! We’re sold!

2.Intensive Deep Cleansing Mask for Combination to Oily/Acne Skin, £39,


At some point, just about everyone has to deal with either blemishes or oily skin (or both). Kypwell’s Intensive face mask contains natural, yet potent powders to absorb excess oil and rid the skin of impurities. Combined are extracts, phyto-distilled water and essential oils that provide the perfect answer to control and refine acne-prone skin. This incredible mask can also be used for the T-zone to remove both blackheads and infection.

Key Ingredients And Benefits;

Kaolin and bentonite are strong natural powders absorb excess oil and eradicate impurities.

Sulphur provides mild peeling that effectively remove dead cells and old acne marks.

The combination of special distilled water from elder, lavender, thyme, sage and essential oils of myrrh, tea tree, cypress and camphor bark, offers an ideal solution for diminishing the appearance of acne on the skin.

Enriched with extracts of centaurium erythraea, siegesbeckia orientalis, dandelion, yarrow, echinacea and geranium robertianum, deliver healthy and revitalised skin without worry about blackheads, infection, nflammation and redness,

Does not contain perfume.

Free From Harsh Chemicals, Mineral Oils,Parabens, SLS, And Cruelty-Free

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