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Are You A Passive-Aggressive Gift Giver?

Have you ever wondered if your gifts reveal a passive-aggressive nature?Christmas is all about giving and receiving, and nobody likes to grumble, or seem unappreciative. However, there’s nothing worse than saving up your pennies to buy a gift that took hours of consideration, and receiving slimming world vouchers in return. Over Christmas, plenty of presents of this nature gets handed out, that demonstrate lack of thought or even a streak of malice – these gift givers are now being deemed passive-aggressive. Check out the following presents to see if you have been the unfortunate victim of a passive-aggressive gift exchange, or if perhaps, you are guilty of this wicked crime.

1.Multi-Packs Of Mints

Extra ice mints
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Have you ever eagerly unravelled a present to find yourself clutching a multi-pack of mints and a slightly mixed bag of annoyance and self-consciousness? This gift is the epitome passive-aggression. Even if your BF’s breath stinks – Don’t Do It.

2.The Christmas Jumper

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Who waits for Christmas day to arrive to give their relative a reindeer jumper? You only have, at best, 9 hours to wear it, and then it’s not even good for a charity shop!

3.An Oversized Skirt

Oversized skirt
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So, if you were wondering whether your mother-in-law really likes you, and you receive a skirt so big you could put 3 of your Aunt Mary’s in it – you’ve finally got your answer.

4.A CD

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On the face of it this doesn’t seem like too bad a present. However, if it’s from your fella, you only love Rock, and you open it to discover One Direction staring back at you, there may be an uncomfortable silence to follow. Knowing your other half’s music taste is a given, so getting this present reveals a definite lack of thought, and is most certainly an act of passive-aggression. (The other possibility is that he’s getting you confused with someone else – grrr).



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