Awesome Candles for Christmas

A Christmas candle is a must-have this festive season. From fruity blends to summer scents in the winter time. Take a look at our favorite 2016 Christmas candles below.

MILLER HARRIS Tangerine Vert £185.00: The bountiful citrus basket holds a fragrant melange of Italian green tangerine, Florida grapefruit and Sicilian lemon, seductively teased with marjoram, geranium and orange flower.

Cedar wood, moss and sweet musks carry its soft, enticing lasting impression. Formulated with a blend of mineral waxes, the Tangerine Vert candle has an average burn time of forty fragrant hours and will instantly bring beauty and warmth to any occasion.


OUD WOOD CANDLE & HOLDER SET £165, Tom Ford: Rare. Exotic. Distinctive. Oud wood is one of the most rare, precious and expensive ingredients in a perfumer’s arsenal. Exotic rose wood and cardamom give way to a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver. Tonka bean and amber add warmth and sensuality.JO LOVES CHARCOALED LEMONS & MANGO A SHOT CANDLE™ £80Bursting with fresh, bitter citrus, a base of Charcoaled Lemons, laced with smooth, smoky caramel blends perfectly together with a shot of soft, juicy Mango.

Each Shot Candle™ arrives beautifully presented and burns for approximately 60hrs.


Byredo ALTAR 400g Votive Candle 95 €: For Holiday 2016 Byredo presents three new fragrant candles inspired by veladoras, prayer candles or seven-day candles.

These tall votive candles are often decorated with religious motifs, including saints prayers and biblical text. Veladoras are found in many homes and are sold in both churches and corner bodegas.

In religious tradition, light is a symbol of faith, truth, wisdom, virtue, grace, charity and the divine life. No better way to put it, so if you are the religious type this is the perfect candle for you.



TOMDAXON SOUS LES GLYCINES CANDLE £55: A canopy of honeyed white flowers. Wisteria intertwined with fresh leaves, jasmine and rose.

DIPTYQUE Candle Epices et Delices £48A Christmas classic, this scented candle evokes the warmth and love of the season with traditional spicy notes of gingerbread, honey, and star anise.

John Lewis Winter Spice Gel Christmas Candle £15: This Winter Spice candle is a festive blend of spicy cinnamon, close and zesty orange.

Combined with warm exotic spice and sumptuous sandalwood, reminiscent of a traditional Christmas. Place in your living room for a warm and tranquil atmosphere.


via selfridges




FORNASETTI Flora ortensia scented candle: Featuring Italian artist Fornasetti’s iconic design of the mythical fertility goddess ‘Flora’, this luxurious scented candle is an essential addition to any artful and stylish home.

Fill your home with the beautifully luxurious Flora aroma, an elegant white floral bouquet inspired by the luscious hydrangeas that fill the gardens that envelope the Fornasetti house in Milan.

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