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Banish Scars And Stretch Marks With The New Re-Gen Continuous Spray

Should you suffer from scars, stretch marks, dry or aging skin (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) reach for a bottle of Re-Gen’s brand new Continuous Spray Oil. This oil is perfect for those who feel self-conscious about such universal concerns, ensuring your skin receives the precise nutrients to deal with these troublesome problems; thus, restoring your skin and your confidence levels!

Pregnancy, prescription medication, weight gain (and bad luck) can contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. Re-Gen’s outstanding new Continuous Spray is specifically formulated and approved by skincare specialists to target and diminish the appearance of stretch marks, as well as aiding in the prevention of their appearance in the first place! This oil is suitable for all skin types.

Mr. Seena Seka, skin care specialist at Re-Gen states:

Stretch marks can be an inevitable part of life. They can appear as a result of pregnancy, weight gain or simply because of a growth spurt as a teenager and are caused when the skin stretches so quickly that the collagen and elastic tissue are damaged.”

He further added:

Despite being completely natural and causing no adverse health effects, many dislike their uneven appearance. However, the good news is that by keeping skin supple and moisturised, their appearance can be minimised.”

Additionally, Re-Gen is formulated to treat dry / dehydrated skin, premature aging, scars, and blemishes.

By using Re-Gen Oil every day, you can greatly reduce the appearance of scars (both new and old). We tried Re-Gen’s Continuous Spray and IT WORKS (even on older scars).

Key Ingredients:

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1.Vitamin A & E:

Vitamin A is well-known for its exceptional youth-boosting qualities, such as its ability to hydrate and smooth, whilst improving collagen production and elasticity.

The antioxidant vitamin E offers anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. Furthermore, this vitamin provides superior protection against free radical damage. These two vitamins work in unison to effectively target and treat skin imperfections.

2.PCL Liquid

This has been combined due to its optimal spreading and skin wetting abilities, thus helping you to achieve unbelievably smooth and soft skin. The liquid provides a thin hydrophobic film on the skin to prohibit it from drying out. PCL Liquid is shown to have outstanding resistance to the oxidation process.


Re-Gen has combined this soothing ingredient due to its array of fantastic skin-benefiting capabilities. It treats a variety of skin concerns such as dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn – and it is amazing in the treatment of healing wounds.


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This incredible ingredient has been used for centuries due to its skin-loving benefits (the list is seemingly endless). The most important points are its blemish reducing, moisturising, skin repairing (including scar reduction) and regenerative qualities. Better yet, this oil is touted for its unbelievable calming and stress-relieving benefits. Perfect after a long day!

5.Rosehip and Rosemary

Two more awesome ingredients combined in the Re-Gen Continuous Spray are Rosehip and rosemary. Rosehip is known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as promoting wound healing and repair of skin barrier.

Rosemary should never be underestimated for its skin nurturing abilities, and as such is globally recognised for being an amazing skin healing and circulation boosting aid! Furthermore, this component works wonders in treating anxiety and stress, too!

Key Benefits:

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Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks

Helps improve the condition of both new and old scar tissue

Aids in the reduction the appearance of ageing and wrinkled skin

Helps soothe and moisturise dry skin

Helps improve the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation marks

Re-Gen supports the restoration of skin’s moisture balance, banishing dryness to reveal soft, supple and rejuvenated results. You will be amazed at the improvement to blemishes, scars, stretch marks and fine lines/wrinkles within a few weeks of use.

Re-Gen Oil is priced at just £4.39 and is available to buy at: from your local Superdrug stores.

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