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Is Your Bath Bomb Harming Your Vagina?

Since 1989, we have grown to love and obsess over the all-pampering bath bomb. But before you next jump into your fizzing bath with glee, think on; your beloved bath bomb may actually be your vaginal nemesis.

As is the practice of the law of the sod, everything fun and great, is inevitably harmful. Chocolate, alcohol, vaping, loud music, (did we mention chocolate?) and according to Metro news, now the luxurious bath bomb isn’t risk-free! Is anything just fun anymore?

Ladies and gents, it may be time to look for a new way to wash away the troubles of the day, as sooner or later bath bombs will cause you a world of trouble. Granted, these swirly balls of joy are not (yet) found to cause things like cancer, but they can trigger a whole host of unpleasant side effects such as bacterial vaginosis, thrush, and even UTIs! This might not sound serious, but anyone who has suffered from any of these conditions will know how savage they are.

How Do Bath Bombs Harm You?

Bath bombs
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Basically, bath bombs are made up of everything your vayjay loathes. The advice on self-cleaning down below consists of the use of water, and if necessary a natural non-perfumed soap. These fizzing and fun products consist of dyes, perfume and glitter. The bath bombs are literally an explosion of vagina-annihilating components, of which raises the alkalinity in your vagina, thus making it perfect target practice for nasties such as BV, thrush and infections.

Generally speaking, the prettier, more sparkly and sweet-smelling the bath fizz is, the greater our desire to bathe in it. Bad idea guys.

The pH balance in our nether regions must be kept consistent. Any disruption will lead to problems like thrush, bacterial vaginosis (if you are prone to this) and UTIs (urinary tract infections).

If you are sat thinking that you religiously take daily bath bomb soaks and have not fallen foul to this problem, the chances are your luck will run out. Ask yourself whether 30 minutes of dreamy-scented bliss is worth a week of denial, followed by two weeks of antibiotics.


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