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Blowjobs: ever wondered if you’re not quite doing it right? Most of us would declare not, but whether you’ve been with the same man for some time and want to add some spice, or just want to add a bit more know-how to your blow, read on. We have some sex education and expert tips on giving him an out-of-this-world blowjob that will most certainly blow his mind!

1. Go Slow

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Slowly does it (Image: Texags)

Ok, so it might not be your most favourite on the to-do list, but try adopting a different outlook. Think of the motto, ‘Always a pleasure, never a chore.’ Giving a blowjob is the most empowering thing you can do for your man. By remembering that you have complete control over his pleasure and he is literally going to explode and love you forever, will give most of us a kick. If not, then you need to ask yourself why? Savour every moment by starting out slowly, taking time getting into a motion and to hear what your man loves the best.

2.Change your licking style

It’s easy to get into the same old routine. Mix things up by licking him from different angles, twisting, and sliding your tongue as you move up and down. If your guy has a foreskin, gently slide it downwards, and run your tongue around the tip of his penis, flicking it (with your tongue, not finger).

3. Hold tight (but not too much)

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Most blokes will insist that getting the penis to the back of the mouth until you gag is a must, but sadly, guys, it’s not for all ladies. If it’s not for you there are other things you can do. Hold him firmly at the base of his shaft whilst continuing your expertise. Your man will go wild.

4.Never leave out the balls

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Be gentle (Image: The Mirror)

Forgetting his testicles is a no-no, as their stimulation is just as important. Caress, hold, and lick them whilst simultaneously sucking your guy off. For an ultimate blowjob, this trick never fails.

5. Speed it up

woman listening closely ears listen
Listen! (Image: phrasemix)

Listen out for his arousal to hit boiling point. This is the time to speed things up. Once you are in motion with your man you will know the signs!

6. Ice cubes work wonders

Ice cubes
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Place an ice cube between your teeth and run it up and down his penis, then around his testicles. This age-old tip will send your man crazy with desire.

7. Always be messy and enthusiastic

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Enthusiasm is the key (Image: razmtaz)

Yes, you heard right – it’s time to get fun and messy. Basically, the majority of men consider ladies who are the most enthusiastic to be the best. Guys need to feel wanted, trusted, and frankly, adored. So, get messy, slobber, make noises of excitement (not boredom or terror), and your man will be returning the favour within the hour.

8. A little finger

pinky little finger on hand anal
Use your secret weapon (Image: Wikipedia)

It is true that many men secretly love a little finger in their butt! As your man begins to climax, try slipping in your little finger. It will make your man’s orgasm ten times more pleasurable and powerful (unless you forget the lubricant)!