Bobbi Brown celebrates 25 years with new campaign and launch

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is celebrating 25 years this autumn with its Be Who You Are Campaign. To complement the campaign, the brand has introduced The Classics, 10 new shades of Luxe Lip Color inspired by the original lipsticks that launched the brand in 1991. “As a makeup artist I would be on set and it was really difficult finding foundations that actually matched the models’ skin,” Brown told The Huffington Post. “Most of the foundation back then didn’t work. It was paint, it was artificial, and so for models who were black or any kind of mixed race, it was impossible. When I launched the brand, I knew that I wanted any woman who needed foundation to be able to find it at my counter.”

The common thread over the years has been Brown’s push to create makeup for all women, regardless of who they are and what color their skin tone is. Now celebrating 25 years, Bobbi has imagined her iconic shades – which all feature a unique brown base – to include new shades Bellini, Uber Beige, Bond, Bahama Brown, Uber Rose, Tahiti Pink, Flame, Plum, Brandy, Imperial Red and Red Velvet. In addition to full-coverage colour, the new formula boosts moisture levels and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines. Luxe Lip Color is priced at £35 and available this month at all Bobbi Brown Cosmetics studios and online.Bobbi-Brown-The-New-Classics-Lipstick-2016


The campaign embraces the brand’s past, present and future and honours 40 women – models, teachers, athletes, writers, activists and mothers – ranging in ethnicity and age, from 13 to 83.


In celebration of 25 years of “Be Who You Are” beauty at Bobbi Brown, we asked real women to tell us what “Be Who You Are” means to them. They share real advice on what makes them feel comfortable in their skin, when they feel their most beautiful and how makeup helps them feel extra confident. From smiling every day to following your heart, these women get to the hear of what it means to be who you are. Plus, Bobbi shares how she first discovered her “Be Who You Are” mantra.

Check out the video they released of real women speaking on beauty and what it mean to “Be Who You Are”.

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