Image via IdrinQ

Boost your brain with IdrinQ

Life can be so busy at times, work, gym, friends and family can be a balancing act, just juggling the basic tasks can become a bit much. We’ve come across IdrinQ an energy drink which is the worlds first brain boosting drink. Read more below.

Image via: IdrinQ
Image via: IdrinQ

Unlike other energy drinks, when consumed in excess can cause health problems. IdrinQ does not contain artificial sweeteners, colourings and most importantly NO caffeine. From its quirky blue can and scientific equations of L-Arginin and R(+)-alpha-lipoic acid, you don’t expect much but this bad boy packs a punch. The taste is somewhat unusual to the palette, however halfway through the can you begin to feel the difference in your energy levels.

This new generation drink is the ONLY drink in the world with a worldwide unique patented nutritive composition for natural power supply throughout the body particularly nurturing the brain and this is because it contains a combination of groundbreaking, vitamins LAR, RLA and B-vitamins aka cells that supplies tissues with glucose and oxygen. We are thinking for a fuller day have an IdrinQ before or after the gym or during lunchtime at work to increase your brain nutrition. The unique formula maintains a normal blood flow, and reduces the effect of tiredness and fatigue.

IdrinQ is definitely one to keep an eye on as part of an healthy lifestyle, perfect supplement for your New Years resolution and available at your convenience online at an affordable price of £1.49