Celebrity Big Brother Is Possibly Under Investigation

On the 10th January 2016 news broke across the world that the legendary English Singer and songwriter David Bowie had passed. Prior to this his former wife of 10 years Angela ‘Angie’ Bowie entered the Celebrity Big brother house on Tuesday 5th January.

On Monday and Tuesdays episode of the highlights for Celebrity Big Brother which airs night at 9pm, viewers are shown Angie grieving after being told the information regarding the passing of her former husband. Scenes were very emotional to watch as the broke down in tears.

Theguardian.com reports, Channel 5 has come under fire after Angie Bowie was shown on Celebrity Big Brother in tears after being told of the death of her former husband David. The broadcaster said Angie had decided to stay in the house after being told off-screen of the 69-year-old singer’s death. She was later shown in its diary room crying before being comforted by housemates John Partridge and David Gest. The footage was also used to trail the programme. Media regulator Ofcom said on Monday morning it had received 13 complaints which it would assess before deciding whether to launch an investigation.

Image Source ok.co.uk
Image Source ok.co.uk

Not to long after Angie exited the dairy room with fellow housemates John and David. Tiffany Pollard noticed that Anqie didn’t seem so well. Angie confided in Tiffany saying that David had died. Tiffany is automatically under the impression that fellow housemate David has passed. What follows next is a surge of emotion from confusion, confrontation and anger from all the housemates as it’s all a great misunderstand. Housemates come to the conclusion that they want Tiffany to leave. As a result of the built frustration and past events in the house Jonathon Cheban decides it time to depart from the show. This makes him the first celebrity of this series to quit. Tiffany Later apologises to Angie although the environment in the house is still quite hostile for her.

Image Source mtv.co.uk
Image Source mtv.co.uk

Tune into Celebrity Big Brother on Channel five to see how Angie is coping and what the housemates get up to on a daily basis. Do you think Big Brother is wrong for airing the scenes of Angie dealing with the news of the loss of her former husband? Do you also think that Tiffany overacted to what she was told by Angie?

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