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Change Your Life With Ease: Introducing The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan, 2018

Should your motivation to keep your ‘healthier you’ New Year resolution be dwindling, don’t give up –  Terri-Ann (founder of the highly successful TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan) has launched her 2018 diet book. Whether you are looking to shed pounds, tone up or simply become a healthier you, this book will provide you with fast and painless success. Hooray!

This highly anticipated book comes after the huge success of her previous two diet plans and TerriAnn’s 7 Day Cleanse.

Terrain 123 diet

TerriAnn has teamed up with leading Consultant Dietician, Ro Huntriss to enable quick and easy weight loss and optimal health simply by making a few small changes set out in the book’s straightforward 3-stage eating plan.

Ro Huntriss holds two Masters degrees in Advanced Nutrition and Clinical Research. One of her key specialities is the ability to translate scientific data into clear-cut information, thus offering the best advice for achieving nutritional/weight loss goals.


Should you feel that diets never work and find yourself struggling to achieve your nutritional goals, this new diet book may be the solution. Mum of four, Terri-Ann Nunns struggled to overcome such problems until a real low point spurred her to take new action. By utilizing her diet plan knowledge, omitting certain foods and testing many different food varieties she realized weight was literally falling away – all without the insufferable diet tag of feeling constantly hungry. Impressed, Terri-Ann posted pictures of her continuing success and before long Terri-Ann was helping others to achieve similar goals with the first TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan.


Upon glancing over the fabulous new book, you will immediately be struck by inspirational images of transformation. Together with the thousands of success stories, the 2018 book is guaranteed to install much needed positivity and promise.

Included in the easy-to-follow book is everything you need to succeed:

1.Delicious Recipe Book

2.App To Keep You Motivated

3.Weight Charts

Monthly Newsletters

Online Exercise Videos


The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan now has accrued over 75,000 members and is fast-becoming a nutritional sensation for many.

Let 2018 be your year for healthy change without the unnecessary stress and struggle.

  The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan is available from £27.99 at

Ro Huntriss Twitter: @dietitianro

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