Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder
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Choose The Right Bronzer To Ensure A Fail-Safe Glow

You have bought the right sunscreen and fake tan but do you have the perfect bronzer to give you a fail-safe glow? Let’s face it – if you’ve gone to the lengths of ensuring you have picked the correct products to get your summer hue, the last thing you will want is to ruin it with a bronzer that wastes all that hard work. One thing to remember when choosing your bronzer is to opt for a shade that is one or two shades darker than your skin. If you go darker or lighter, your complexion will appear more fake or older – neither is a good look.

It is important to choose your bronzer depending on your skin tone and type. Powders do not work well with dry skin, as creams are not suited to oily skin. Do not fear – we have found some of the best bronzers to accomplish a fail-safe glow whatever your skin type Check them out.

1.For Combo Skin: M.A.C Bronzing Powder, Sephora, £22

M.A.C Bronzing Powder
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2.For Dry Skin: Nars Matte Multiple Bronzer, Nars, £29

Nars Matte Multiple Bronzer
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Should your problems be hydration or time-related, Nars’ Matte Multiple is the ideal bronzer to buy. Nars’ Multiple Bronzer is great for dry skin as it comes in a lightweight formula of bronze and blush tones. The bronzing stick glides on with minimal effort, so you can enjoy a radiant and long-lasting glow throughout the day.

3.For Oily Skin: Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder, Sephora, $34

Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder
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Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Powder comes in four shades of which provide a radiant yet soft luminous complexion, and includes pigments that blend with your natural skin tone. This bronzer ensures a longlasting and natural glow whichever shade you choose. The Golden Bronze evokes a tanned hue with a hint of rose shimmer, whilst the Matte Bronze boosts a tanned complexion without shimmer.




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