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Could You Tell If He Faked It?

It is well known that since, well, forever, women have owned the fake orgasm scenario. But do they? According to recently published study, guys do it too – apparently a lot more than we might imagine. Whilst it’s generally pretty damn easy for us ladies to fake in order to get back to that juicy book, or just go to sleep, guys seem to have stolen our thunder on this sacred right, too. But how the Hell is this possible?

Amazingly, Canadian researchers have uncovered the unimaginable truth, that almost a quarter of guys, at some stage, have faked it – outrageous, we know!

Man in bed woman standing
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Via an online platform, Mechanical Turk, 230 guys between the ages of 18 to 29 were questioned on whether or not they had ever faked an orgasm, and the answers that returned showed that on a mind-blowing (or not) quarter of occasions in their current relationships, guys had simulated the big O – rude!

The researchers from the University of Quebec and Montreal discovered that guys were mostly feigning during vaginal sex. However, some admitted to faking during anal and oral too. One question; how is this possible unless the ladies are plastered?

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Apparently it’s not all that difficult. Not many women will jump up and analyse the condom – as usually, we are the ones ensuring we get to the bathroom first. However, we aren’t quite sure how oral sex can be faked…ever. If you are asking yourself why guys might do this – the answer is as fundamental as our reasoning:

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1.He Isn’t Enjoying Himself

‘Poor sexual experience’ as well as ‘poor partner choice’ was the highest-ranking reasons behind the pretence.

2.He Wants His Lady To Feel Confident

A more reassuring answer given was that the purpose was to ‘support a partner’s wellbeing’. Ah!

3.He Has Sexual Issues

This reason wasn’t given – we’re just guessing.