Create Scarily Perfect Halloween Makeup In Minutes

October has been such an hectic month and literally flew by fast. It’s so scary Halloween is almost here and now there is zero time to order that costume online in time for the big night. Don’t fret, we have found some of the most awesome last-minute Halloween makeup tutorials. So easy to apply yet so amazing you won’t even need an outfit! Check out the following makeup tutorials to make this Halloween so scary you would make Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures) jump in fright.

1.Extremely Last-Minute Halloween Makeup by GinsMakeup

last minute Halloween Makeup
Credit: GinsMakeup/Youtube

If you want a cool Halloween look in minutes and only have your usual makeup to hand, this tutorial is priceless. Demonstrating how to make two very quick and easy fright night looks, you will be glad at how simple this really is.

2.10 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Makeup by Stephanie Toms

last minute Halloween Makeup
Credit: Stephanie Toms/Youtube

Check out how to create an unbelievably scary skull in the first tutorial of this video. Simply copy the tutorial and everyone you meet will either be complimenting your professionalism or running away in sheer terror. Result!

3. Scary Last-Minute Halloween Makeup And Costumes Ideas by CraftyPanda

scary last minute halloween makeup
Credit: crafty panda/youtube

For something frightening, fun and a little bit different we recommend you take a peek at tutorials 4 and 5. These Halloween looks are totally doable by us mere amateurs and are guaranteed to be horror movie worthy!

4. Last-Minute Easy Scar Halloween Makeup Tutorial by BeautifulYouTv

If you do want to overdo the Halloween vibe and are looking for something quick and simple yet looking authentic – this tutorial has the solution. Follow the guide to achieve the fastest and most realistic scar possible. You will be amazed.

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