Dermot and Emma Willis
Sourced via: BBC

Dermot O’Leary And Emma Willis Pay Tribute To Michael Bublé

Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis opened last night’s BRIT Awards with a tribute to Michael Bublé and his son.

Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis were brought in to host this year’s Brit Awards after Michael Bublé pulled out of presenting the show, following his son’s cancer diagnosis.

Dermot and Emma Willis
Sourced via: BBC

Upon opening the award ceremony at the O2 Arena, Dermot and Emma paid special tribute to Michael by sending their love to the singer and his family. The duo said they were pleased to be hosting, but they would much rather be in the audience watching Michael Bublé on the stage.

Dermot announced wholeheartedly, “While Emma and I are so happy to be your hosts, we would much rather be down there in the audience, watching Michael Bublé up here.”

Emma agreed saying, “We so wish he could have been with us this evening and everybody at the BRITs sends him all of our love and fingers crossed we will see him again next year.”

Last month, it was revealed that 41-year-old Michael Bublé and his wife Luisana Liopilato’s 3year-old son Noah had been diagnosed with liver cancer. News reports state that Noah has begun treatment for the disease.

Michael Buble and family
Sourced via: Hello Magazine

According to news sources, doctors are hoping Noah’s chemotherapy will shrink the tumour enough to then be operable.

Emma Willis reiterated the thoughts of every mother in the world when, before the show she said: “Every part of me sends so much love and all the best wishes in the world to Michael and his family at such a difficult time.”


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