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Discover Awesome Christmas Stocking Fillers That Everyone Will Love!

With only seven weeks to Christmas, it’s time to discover the best stocking fillers around. We have compiled a selection of the most gorgeous gifts to make your loved ones smile this festive season. Read on:

1.Inspire Me Scented Candle By Natalia Nicholson, £20 (300gm), Also Available at Amazon.

Lilac and cashmere candle

Whether you are searching for a gift to present to your mum, nan, sister or S.O, the Inspire Me Scented Candles By Natalia Nicholson make the perfect gift. Delivered in a beautiful gift box, these eco-friendly and incredibly scented candles are covered with an uplifting and inspirational quote, of which are guaranteed to calm the senses and provide the all-important feel-good factor to your day! Each candle is created with high quality vegan soy ingredients and offer up to 65 hours of burn time.

2.Beuti Skincare Anti-Inflammaging Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser, £35,


beauty sleep cleanser

The Duchess of York’s stamp of approval for Beuti Skincare proves this is a brand fit for any princess. Loaded with an array of natural and carefully selected precious plant extracts ensures this cleanser would put a smile on anyone’s newly radiant face!

3.Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial, £47.50,

Exuviance bionic facial

Forget your weekly facial at the Beauticians. Exuviance is much sought-after by celebrities and dermatologists alike, for good reason; their products deliver proven results! The superior Exuviance’s Bionic Facial combines an innovative triple oxygenating blend that detoxifies and rejuvenates and is the ideal gift for every beauty lover out there. This product is a total game changer!

4.Hollywood Browzer, £15 (includes 2 Browzers And A Protective Pouch),

Hollywood browzer

Say goodbye to problematic hair with the Hollywood Browzer. Recently featured in Vogue, this incredible hair removal tool causes no irritation and enables fast and simple hair removal; it even is perfect on the go! Furthermore, its handy size means it can fit discreetly in their Christmas stocking.

5.Mz Skin Lift and Lustre, £210,


Beauty obsessives out there will adore the Lift & Lustre by globally adored brand, MZ Skin. This serum carries a hefty price tag, but if you want to invest in the best possible serum, this one will not disappoint. Including the purest natural ingredients and clinically proven to increase hydration by 29.9% in just one hour, you need this in your life!

6. Angelico Dry Skin Serum, £35,


Should dry skin be an issue for any of your loved ones, why not treat them to a gift they will truly enjoy? Angelico Dry Skin Serum instantly targets and treats dehydrated and dry skin. Included in Angelico’s range of serums are highly researched and natural plant oils that perfectly cater to your skin type and needs. Say good riddance to stubborn skin complaints and hello to a vision of radiance. This gift will be far more appreciated than a pair of socks or voucher.

7.Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect, £3.99,

pantene conditioner 3mm

The award-winning brand Pantene has done it again with their new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. A professional grade hair treatment at less than the cost of an ordinary conditioner, makes this a stocking filler for all ladies and gents! Fruk loves this!

8. Kypris Beauty Elixir 1,000 roses, £76,


Beauty Elixir 1,000 Roses, by Kypris is one of the best products we have encountered since, well…ever! Combining a seemingly endless amount of skin-loving natural active ingredients, this serum will transform your skin. Results can be seen within a few applications. If you love botanical extracts, a tonne of youth-enhancing roses and petal soft skin, you will not want to let this serum leave your side!

9.Saffrosun Vitamins, £39.99,


Do you know someone who struggles with anxiety, hormonal imbalance or fatigue? Saffrosun is the go-to vitamin that truly targets and treats such problems. Combining the strongest premium grade Saffron stigma extract, vitamin B6, B12 and D3, this safe yet highly effective supplement will ensure your loved ones feels balanced, happier and revitalised.

10.Smartphone Gloves, £4.99,

smartphone gloves

Now the cold weather is upon us, these Smartphone Gloves by Prezzzybox are a Christmas must-have gift. These gloves will not scratch your screen and look so awesome that your usual gloves will be left in the drawer. Now there can be no reason for not replying to that text!

11.Vitamin Injections Vitamin Patches, £49.99,


We tested the B12 vitamin patches by Vitamin Injections and couldn’t believe the difference they made. The slow-release adhesive patches provide continual supplementation for 12 hours. Should exhaustion and malabsorption of nutrients be an issue, these vitamin patches are the perfect solution. However, these patches are the go-to option for anyone looking to improve their energy levels, health and mood Available as B12, B Complex and vitamin D3 patches, these supplements can literally change someone’s life! Available as a one month supply (£49.99) or 6 patches (£19.99).

12.Smile Enhance – Crystal Blue Range 7 Day Smile Detox, Now £25 This amazing 7 day smile detox crystal blue system created by Rebecca Moorfield has a dual boosting two way action to remove stains and also prevent them from returning. World’s first cosmetic bonding product brand to hit homes across the world and 10x more powerful than other tooth bleaching products has some great benefits including; removal of surface stains, fast restoration development, prevents 99.9% sensitivity, fresh tasting, non abrasive and made with healthy and safe ingredients. Incredible stocking filler idea for a perfect white smile this Christmas!


Edited by Elizabeth Ajomale


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