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Discover Superior Vitamin Absorption With These Innovative Vitamin Patches By Vitamin Injections, London.

Should you be lacking in energy and feel your supplements are not doing their job, we have the perfect solution: Vitamin Patches by Vitamin Injections, London ensure you receive the full benefits from your supplement. Read on:

Oral supplements get a lot of bad press due to the fact that you are never sure just how much of the supplement is being absorbed and how much is simply excreted without providing the necessary help. There is no messing about with Vitamin Injections Vitamin Patches; unlike oral supplements, Vitamin Injections, London’s Vitamin Patches guarantee 12 hours of continuous supplementation as it is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Vitamin Patches guarantee up to 90% of vitamin absorption. This is huge news and a great relief for many, as we no longer have to guess how much of a particular vitamin is in the body. Furthermore, it means we don’t have to waste money on some oral supplements that have a much-reduced effect.

vitamin b12 patches

As soon as we heard about these fabulous vitamin patches we couldn’t wait to see if they live up to the hype. We tried Vitamin Injections, London Vitamin B12 Patches.

Should you feel the need to improve your health, mood and energy levels, this must be the vitamin of choice. As regular buyers of oral supplements, we can say the Vitamin B12 Patches are significantly better in comparison. Within a couple of hours of applying the tiny circular patch, we saw a noticeable improvement in energy levels and mood.

These are slow-release adhesive skin patches that deliver 12 hours of consistent B12 supplementation, straight into the bloodstream.

The incredible Vitamin B12 Patches offer huge benefits for people suffering from fatigue. Additionally, B12 is well-known for alleviating muscle pain, strengthening bones and improving vision.  Overall, vitamin B12 will greatly improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Before long you will be bouncing about like a bunny and your work will feel like a breeze (as much as it can, anyway).

Furthermore, this amazing vitamin improves the memory and is a great nutrient to take, in the fight against dementia. It will even aid in the control of blood sugar spikes, thus preventing irritability! You will find that you are less inclined to reach for that 3 p.m chocolate bar.

Vitamin Injections, London Vitamin B12 Patches also include:

Folic acid: Essential for healthy cell growth and in supporting a good metabolic rate.

Vitamin B1: Known to assist in the energy absorption),

Vitamin B3: For overall good health and the lowering of cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin C: Contributes to the absorption of iron, supports the immune system and aids in the reduction of fatigue.

Vitamin E: Aids in the maintenance of healthy eyes and skin, supports the immune system and helps to repair and protect.

Vitamin Injections, London also provide the vitamin B Complex and D3 Skin Patches.

Credit: vitamin

Vitamin Injections, London B12 Vitamin Patches are priced at £49.99 (32 x Skin Patches per pack: 1 month’s supply).

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