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Discover Tina Cassaday’s Banana-Banana Conditioner

Tina Cassaday is an expert in the hair industry, with advanced skills as a hair stylist, colorist, trichologist, and product innovator. In March she launched the amazing Banana-Banana Conditioner, of which has proved a huge hit globally, amongst celebrities and hair stylists alike.

So What Makes This Conditioner So Great?

Banana-Banana combines banana pulp of which offers an exceptionally rich and deep conditioning treatment for your locks. This product is particularly beneficial for chemically processed, damaged and stressed hair. Tina Cassaday’s natural Banana-Banana Conditioner enables moisture to be locked in, ensuring ultra-hydration and a fully moisturised mane brimming with soft, shiny luxury.

How Long Until You See The Benefits?

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After one application you will notice your hair is softer and shinier (we tested this and couldn’t believe just how soft, shiny and manageable it left our hair). This product offers potassium as well as other nutrients that deliver superior moisture to the strands.

How Can This Product Be Used?

The Banana-Banana Conditioner can be used in various ways: as a deeply nourishing hair mask for particularly damaged or stressed hair, simply apply to dry hair and leave on overnight. Alternatively, it can be used during every hair wash as a normal conditioner, providing deeply moisturised and manageable locks. Finally, it will work as an incredible serum for loose strands or to de-frizz hair.

Why Not Use A Banana?

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Tina Cassaday states: “A banana on its own is too heavy to penetrate the moisture tissues. My proprietary blend takes real banana pulp and blends it with amino acids and other nutrients, enabling deep penetration.”

Can Men Use This Product?

Yes, the Banana-Banana Conditioner is great for guys and is especially effective for conditioning beards and for those suffering from hair thinning.

Alcohol combined in this formula is derived from coconut and is used as an effective moisturiser, whilst simultaneously working to bind together the amino-acids and other components.

A Holiday Essential

Tina casadas banana banana selection
Credit: tinacassaday.com

This product is also available in sachet form, making it super handy for trips abroad. Each Haute Petit Sachet provides 6 treatments and is the ideal size to take on any vacation. Exceptionally hot weather causes the hair to become brittle, dry and stressed. Tina Cassaday’s Banana-Banana Conditioner is the perfect solution for rescuing and reviving your locks following a day on the beach.

Tina Cassaday’s Haute Petit Sachets of Banana-Banana Conditioner is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, priced £25.

To view more information about Tina Cassaday’s Banana-Banana Conditioner visit: http://www.tinacassaday.com

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