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Ditch The Broken Heart With This Awesome New App

Are you still stalking your ex’s social media accounts and wondering if he was the one? Worry no more, for there is now an app to help you forget all about him.

In a society where apps rule the world, and people seem to break up faster than they change their favourite beauty products, it seems surprising an app of this nature has only just launched.

Most of us will know only too well the hideous despair that comes with being in love and left high and dry. With the launch of Break-up Boss, this dreaded feeling need not linger on for, like, ever.

Break-Up Boss was created by writer Zoe Foster Blake and illustrator Mari Andrew, and offers an array of positivity to help you overcome the heartbreak and move forwards with your life. This positive support comes as: inspirational quotes, pep talks, digital space to send texts to exes (without actually sending them), and breakup relevant playlists.

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In addition to this, the app provides a Feel Wheel. This offers priceless advice for dealing with and avoiding common doomed situations, like the notorious drunken phone call or text.

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Zoe wrote: “Break-ups suck. But you needn’t suck at break-ups. Be the boss of your break-up. Own it.” Should you be struggling to come to terms with your breakup, you can download Breakup Boss for $9.99. What’s so great about this app is that 10% is donated to the Australian centre Safe Steps, to support survivors of family abuse/violence.

Should this app not give you that much-needed peace of mind, there is now a retreat boot camp called Renew whereby the brokenhearted can begin their recovery.

However, you really need to be in a bad way to go as it’s a plane ride away in New York’s Hudson Valley! Let’s face it, if we were to travel to New York for therapy, we’d probably find it in the shops!

A GIF of saying goodbye
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