Do You Suffer From The Pain Of PMS?

The majority of us know only too well, the problems associated with PMS. Generally, there are stomach cramps, backache, tiredness, moodiness, and sometimes an uncontrollable urge to bite someone’s head off! However, there are several fantastic products on the market that will relieve those pesky symptoms, and return us to our usual happy-go-lucky selves!

1. Evening primrose oil eases PMS

Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

If your partner is about to get an ear bashing, or you are fighting back the tears for no apparent reason, then this supplement should definitely be on your shopping list. Evening Primrose oil is well renowned for its ability to reduce unwanted symptoms of PMS.

2. Maca

Sourced from the Maca plant, this herb is another fantastic treatment for the dreaded PMS. It decreases bloating, headaches, and stomachaches, as well as balancing our erratic mood swings.

3. John’s Wort

Many people swear by the almost magical properties in St. John’s Wort. This calming homeopathic remedy boasts many attributes – among them is it’s balancing, calming and soothing effect on physiological and psychological stresses that come with PMS.

4. B complex vitamins

Remember Your vitamins!
Remember Your vitamins!

Do not underestimate the power of this group of vitamins. During our period, we tend to have lower levels of B vitamins, which then lead to our irritability and tiredness. In fact a deficiency in these can even lead to mental health problems. Kick your PMS symptoms into touch with a multivitamin or B-complex supplement.


There may actually be a scientific reason for indulging in chocolate and movies during our periods. A magnesium deficiency (which is more common when we menstruate) is the culprit for making us crave chocolate. Therefore taking a supplement will allegedly combat the crazed desire to demolish as many bars of Galaxy as humanly possible. So what do we do about the remainder of the month?

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