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Embrace Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sure, Valentine’s Day is great for lovers, however, it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom for those that are single. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, life need not be so bad – here are some more reasons to own the day and have a simply awesome time. Read more below.

1.Girls Day/Night Out

Girls night out
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What better reason can you have for calling your girlfriends and going out for laughs and drinks? Make a day or night of it, and celebrate your freedom in style, with the friends you love.

2.Love Yourself

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With a hectic personal and work life, often we don’t spend enough time on ourselves. Take the day as an opportunity to appreciate the awesome person you are. Go to a spa and be pampered, and feel good about yourself.

3.Watch Some Good Movies

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Buy some treats and spend the day with your friend, watching your favourite movie stars. You’ll feel great (but be warned – steer clear of tearjerkers)


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Who doesn’t love shopping at any given opportunity? If you don’t feel like online shopping, instead opt for a fun day out with a pal, splash out on whatever takes your fancy, then polish off a fantastic day by dining at an overly-priced and yet delicious restaurant. You are guaranteed to have a far greater time than sitting around worrying about finding a date, not having a date, or why you are single. Remember, being single means you don’t have to answer to anyone, put the toilet seat down, or compromise over the TV. It also means you love yourself enough not to settle for ‘just anyone’ for the sake of it. Pat yourself on the back and go ahead and spoil yourself. You deserve it!

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