Enjoy the winter sun with Occles Eyewear

Summer may be over and the chill may be creeping in for winter, but for those of you who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the sun yet – then winter sun abroad is the only way for you. Whether you’re heading south of the equator for a second summer or merely heading somewhere to enjoy some winter sun, staying protected should still be on your priority list.

Protecting our skin and hair from the sun and UV light is a well known beauty fact, but, have you ever considered what damage you might be doing to your eyes?image If you like to sunbathe but, are worried about damage to your eyes and don’t like the glare when resting, then you need Occles Travel Eyewear. Providing total blackout and eye protection from harmful UV rays, light, and sunlight, enabling complete rest to the eyes. They are CE Accredited for UV Protection, so if you’re finding the hot sun’s and sands glare too much or trying to get some well earned rest on the beach with tired overworked eyes, or even if you are a hay fever sufferer then why not try Occles. See the difference they make to your holiday and rest? Light, durable, strong and bridge-less so 
tan lines will be minimised, they are comfortable to wear, with an 
adjustable fit for a range of head sizes.

Plus they are ideal to wear on the plane too, so if you’re on a long haul flight pop them on and get a great nights rest. The 21st century design focuses on creating the perfect comfortable sleep-mask for long haul flights.image

A bonus is that Occles, are ideal for those suffering from light pollution in bedrooms, hotel rooms or anywhere light infiltrates from street lights causing lack of sleep. Great for shift workers, migraine, dry eye and hay fever sufferers and those tormented by light pollution. Superb for those who are mediating keeping visual distractions away.

Available in a variety of colours Occles are £22.00 SSP online from:

Award winning web site Butterflies Eyecare
Evolution Organics
The Grommet (USA)

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