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Fail-Safe Self-Tan Tips

We all crave that beautiful, bronzed, summer glow. Thankfully the beauty industry knows this only too well, as so has provided the world of tanning hopefuls with a superb selection guaranteed to help you achieve the best tan ever! Follow these tips to achieve a fail-safe and perfect tan.

1. Exfoliate

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Always exfoliate a day before you apply your self-tan, in order to remove residue of older tanning products and dead skin cells that could hinder the creation of a perfect tan. We love Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream,, £21.60.

2.Shave: Shaving legs a day ahead of application will give you great preparation.


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Apply a moisturiser to boost easy application (especially if you have dry skin). We love Liz Earle’s Natural Botanical Body Cream,, £19.

4.Use A Mitt

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Always use a tanning mitt to ensure you achieve even tan coverage.

If you have any tan fails in the form of excess tan on ankles, elbows or knees, simply rub a little bicarbonate of soda over areas to effectively remove the excess. We love Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt, feel, £17.

5.Invest In A Waterproof SPF

Nivea Sun and sport spa
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What is summer without a swim? Plan ahead by investing in a good waterproof SPF, which will extend your self-tan’s expiration date. Try Nivea Sun and Sport, Amazon, £8.50.

6.Add Bronzer

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Complete your beautiful newly sun-kissed look with some well-chosen bronzer. With a vast selection of gorgeous bronzers available, there is no excuse for getting it wrong. All you need to do is check the bronzer against your skin, making sure it suits your tone. Too light or too dark will age you (gasp) or simply not do your complexion any favours. We love Nars Cosmetics Bronzer,, £28.

Applying bronzer to your makeup brush, tap off any excess powder. In circular motions, brush over your cheekbones, forehead, and nose. Make sure you brush along the jawline and downward, blending down into the neck.

For tips on the best bronzers and tanners, click here:

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