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Famous TikTokers That Make Great Music

The most globally downloaded app of 2020 aka TikTok is one great medium to showcase talent. At a massive 800 Million users; it is just the perfect platform to show off some skills. These trending TikTokers / Musicians have moved beyond just lip-sync or transition videos and have successfully launched their music careers. Here are some of the best singers on TikTok.

1. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch Famous Tiktoker

Firstly, there’s a reason she is leading in this list. Her latest single ‘Build a Bitch’ crossed a whooping 160+ Million views and counting on YouTube. Bella has achieved the milestone of 10 Million views within 24 hours of the release of her first song! She is among the top 5 most followed accounts and singers on TikTok.

2. Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett tiktok

Debuting with the single ‘Pain’, Nessa was constantly looking forward to making music, rather than being just a pretty face. Nessa who struggled with harmful thoughts in the past is pleased to be on a positive track now.

3. Ashnikko

Ashnikko music

4. Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel artist

Another famous TikToker is this talented diva sings, acts, writes song and much more. According to her, she always enjoyed performing and singing and would spend hours on her guitar. Ariel who achieved her fame through lip sync, is today making her own!

5. Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler tiktok

Joining in the house among the talented ladies and TikTokers we have Jaden. ‘Angels and Demon’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Think about me’ are few songs that got us hooked on his music.

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