Follow These Tips For The Most Beautiful Feet This Summer

Yes, summer is almost here, but are you ready to bare your feet in those gorgeous summer sandals? Follow these tips and you will have the most beautiful feet this summer.

Treat your feet!
Treat your feet!

1. Corns

Corns are nasty, and unattractive, hard, round lumps of thickened skin that appear on the toes. Have the corn removed by a qualified chiropodist. In the meantime, cover it up with a corn-shield plaster, such as Scholl’s Corn Shield.

2. Athlete’s foot

Fungal infections, such as Athlete’s foot are not only unsightly, but also highly contagious and should be dealt with immediately. Symptoms of this are itchy, flaky feet. Effective treatments are ones, which contain clotrimazole.

3. Bunions


If you suffer from this painful foot affliction, you can thank your parents/grandparents, as these are genetic problems. You will acquire the bunion through problems at bottom of the joint to your big toe; pressure builds up, thus producing the dastardly bunion. Surprisingly, flat shoes will exacerbate the issue; therefore it is best to opt for small heels. Always avoid tight fitting shoes! Unfortunately, a surgical procedure is necessary to remove the irksome bunion from your foot.

4. Dry/cracked heels

Dry and cracked heels are a common foot ailment. Luckily, exfoliation is key to solving it. Follow this with a great overnight moisturising foot cream, such as, Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream. You feet will quickly return to soft and supple glory

5. Ingrown toenails

Ingrown nails are not just ugly – they’re excruciatingly painful. Although the advice is to cut them down, never try to cut them down too far as this is probably one of the most agonising experiences you will ever encounter. Instead, seek help for removal from a chiropodist. In future maintain regular nail trimming to keep the problem at bay.

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