Luxe studion brushes
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Fruk Loves Luxe Studio’s K2 Set The Everything Brush

Luxe Studio are well known for their superior quality of make up brushes that provide unrivalled results in minimal time.

When it comes to makeup brushes, the Luxe Studio K2 Set The Everything Brush (including 3 brushes, 6x, 5x and 3x) will meet every makeup application need and is a must-have for everyone’s’ bathroom cabinet.

Luxe Studio K2 Set combines incredibly versatile brushes, within dome shaped heads packed with high quality bristles. These brushes are specifically designed for applying both liquid and powder cosmetics, skincare and sun care products, and can be used on the entire face as well as for accessing smaller contours around the eyes and nose. Whether you want to blend in your moisturiser or have your mind set on strobing, these brushes will enable optimal flawless results with minimal effort required!


For Concealer And Foundation

Luxe studion brushes

Any of the 3 brushes can be used to apply concealer and foundation. Simply choose your desired brush, add the product either onto the brush or directly onto the face, then blend the formula in small circular motions until you have fully blended and achieved the necessary amount of coverage.

Contouring, Highlighting And Strobing

Luxe studio makeup brushes

Contouring has never been easier to achieve with the Luxe Studio K2 Set. All you need to do is dab your product onto the areas you plan to contour. Next, use the brush to blend, ensuring the bristle angles reach your facial contours, thus achieving a flawlessly sculpted result.


These brushes are ideal for applying eyeshadow both above and below the lid. Unlike other brushes, the K2 Set guarantees the shadow will glide seamlessly onto the inner and outer corners of the eye. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that when applying to the narrow area directly underneath your eye, the hue stays perfectly in place with no excess powder or cream snow flaking further down the face. Genius!

The Luxe Studio 6X Brush should be used in circular motions, whilst the 5X and 3X brushes should be used in back and forth motions for the desired effect.

The Luxe Studio K2 Set is priced at £22.99

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