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Get Your Legs Warm Weather Ready

Some of you will undoubtedly be thinking you can’t be bothered to prep your legs because, well, the weather hasn’t exactly been consistent in bestowing it’s gift of hot summer sun. However, we now know that June is almost here, and it’s set to be ‘el scorchio’. What does this mean? Ladies, it’s time to stop the winter laziness, and get your legs warm weather ready.

1.Shaveleg shaverNo one (apart from the odd weirdo you might find on the Internet) likes hairy legs on women. So, the first port of call is to shave your legs. Shaving rash is never a good look, so ensure it is a wet and not a dry shave. If you don’t have any shave cream, then conditioner will work remarkably well.

2.Always Exfoliate

Cold, dry winter months of hibernating in long socks or tights takes its toll on the skin, creating dryness, flakiness, and a general unappealing appearance. Quickly combat this problem by exfoliating your way to lovely legs.


Moisturising your skin will not only hydrate your skin, but will also get them super-primed for some game-changing instant bronzer/tan. Moisturising thoroughly will enable an even self-tan coverage.


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Choose the right instant tan and your legs will become Instagram ready without the need to swipe in filters. If you are paranoid about the Tango look, try L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan – the results are incredible.


By this point your pins will be pretty much perfect. However, we are human and therefore are not immune to the odd skin imperfection or bruise. Grab a concealer, just as you would for your visage, and blur away.

6.Your Attire

It’s no good having beautiful legs, of which Rihanna would be proud, without having a fabulous dress or skirt to show them off. There has never been a better reason to go shopping.


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