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Guys: Lose These Oral Sex Faux Pas (Like, Now!)

Oral sex can transform an OK sex life into a mind-blowing experience we will never forget. The majority of us ladies respond to the same rules, and whilst we are on the subject, most of us coil away (in frustration, or horror – take your pick) at certain other things that just don’t work. Read on to discover oral sex faux pas that guys need to stop…forever!

1.Thinking You Know What We Want Without Asking

Kim Sex And The City
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When the tables are turned, we make every effort to get to grips with what your man soldier likes, and then we do it! We are not all clones, and what might be one woman’s magic might not be another’s. If you want us to stroke your oral sex ego, you need to get us there first. Hint – always ask what we like.

2.Don’t Be Rough, Unless We Ask

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Not everyone enjoys it rough – some may even go as far as to consider it death by tongue! Unless we specifically request some hardcore oral sex, ebb on the side of caution.

3.Focusing Only On Our Clit- Yes, it’s awesome when you get there, but like life, there’s more fun to be had than in just one place – otherwise it just gets a tad boring.

4,Stopping Before We Come

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We have only one thing to say to this – WHY?

Asking Us If We Are About To Climax

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Just as this is off-putting to you guys, the same can be said of oral sex for ladies. If you want us to come, it is extremely important to not ask this question. Rest assured, we will let you know.

6.Getting Offended- How are you ever going to learn to how to be the master in the bedroom, if we can’t give you a little direction? This isn’t embarrassing – sex is all about communication between both parties. Remember guys – knowledge is wisdom. If you listen we will love you even more!

7. Ignoring Your Clit Altogether!- If you are one of those men whom for some reason do everything except stimulate the clit, we will come to the conclusion that you have serious GPS issues, or that you must be tired of the relationship and want to end it. Here’s a little advice – it’s plain mean, oh and, STOP IT!