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Halt Time With Time Bomb’s Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue

We all love the summer, but with it comes a hefty price of sun-damaged skin. With Time Bomb’s Overexposed Sun damage Rescue in our bag, we can relax and enjoy the heat wave, knowing that we have a secret weapon providing damage limitation and even reversing the effects of the sun. Read on.

The sun, although much-loved, is a leading cause of skin aging. Time Bomb’s Overexposed has 3 magic tricks up it’s sleeve that will stop the pesky age clock in its tracks, and prevent further signs of sun-triggered aging.


Timebomb overexposed
           Sourced via: timebombco.com

The main cause of visible skin aging is photo-damage, and you don’t just have to be a tanning fanatic or summer holiday obsessive to be affected by this. By simply being in sunlight (even via a car window) will trigger this irksome development.

The good – wait, the great news is that Time Bomb’s Overexposed formula thwarts the impact of unwanted UV exposure, through the use of extensively researched and clinically proven ingredients. Components in Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue such as the specifically formulated antioxidant, Pycnogenol, act as a barrier against UV rays. Combined with rich emollients, this cream reaches deeper into the skin, thus renewing both the feel and look of otherwise dry, tight, leathery skin.


              Sourced via: timebombco.com

Overexposed will successfully restore your skin’s natural, own radiance, making it healthier and more resistant to further damage. Including bioactive Milk Peptide Complex, this formula triggers your skin’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, thus enhancing the skin to naturally repair itself.

3.Improve And Rewind

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            Sourced via: timebombco.com

Time Bomb’s amazing cream treatment actually improves the visible signs of long-term photo damage. It is the first to use the gentle yet powerful effects of Omega9XEster. This ingredient is a vegetable-derived emollient; of which has in the past been utilized by saddle manufacturers to preserve leather, reestablishing its optimum, perfectly smooth texture. The Omega9XEster in this creamy and lightweight formula soaks into the top layers of skin, thus offering maximum results.

Furthermore, Time Bomb’s Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue is clinically proven to tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

If you want a formula that works to improve and prevent sun damaged skin, whilst creating a more smooth, supple, and youthful complexion, look no further – Time Bomb’s Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue is the product for you.

Overexposed Sun Damage Rescue costs £39. Visit: www.timebombco.com.


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