How To Make A Fast Recovery After A Break-Up

The majority of us will, at some point in life, have the misfortune of experiencing a painful break–up. Some of us already have. There are, however, ways to ease the process of separation, quickening the time it takes for us to get back to our happy, fun-loving selves. Although there is no miracle cure, if you follow these guidelines, you will discover how to make a fast recovery following a break-up.

1. Let it out


First and foremost, you must do this: Have an evening at home just to cry, vent, scream, burn his clothes, and so on. Ask a good friend to come over for support, so that you can move forward.

2. Make a list of all of his bad points

Picture of someone writing a list
Make a list

Can’t recall anything but sweet memories that have you blubbering at the slightest thing? For a quick fix make a list of all of his irritating and unbearable traits that used to drive you mad. You will be re-applying your make-up and feeling better again in no time.

3. Force yourself to go out with friends

Picture of four friends

Your friends are your secret weapons to fighting the ex-boyfriend blues. Go out with your mates. They will make you laugh and help you to forget all about Mr Whatshisname.

4. Change your routine

         She's not there!
She’s not there!

Stop visiting places that you frequented as a couple, and avoid places where he or his friends are likely to be.

5. Go shopping or get your hair done.

Picture of girls shopping at Gucci store
Shopping therapy

All girls know the importance of shopping therapy in times of crisis. Being pampered and treating yourself to some new clothes will help you through the transition to a happier new you. Believe me – it works wonders!

6.Delete him from your life

Picture of a delete button
Delete, delete, delete!

Delete his number and all social networking connections (including his friends). Having one too many drinks and reaching for the phone never results in a happy ending.

7. Laugh

Picture of a lady laughing
young woman portrait with a toothy smile

Spend the evening at a comedy club.

8. Keep yourself busy

Oxford Street
Keeping busy

If you still find yourself on the rocky road to recovery, immerse yourself in work, go out as much as possible, and generally keep busy. Before you know it there will be a brand new world brimming with opportunities and positivity.

Images: Google, Wikipedia, Huffington Post, Flickr