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Improve Your Digestive Health Today With LQ’s Liquid Health Digestive Care

With two in ten people suffering from IBS it may be time to start looking at new ways to aid digestion and LQ Liquid Health’s Digestive Care Supplements may be the perfect solution. Scientifically formulated to aid healthy digestion and offering highly concentrated and powerful active ingredients, these supplements ensure you are providing your body with optimal support.

This award-winning brand seem to get it right every time. The beauty about these liquid supplements is that they offer a much faster absorption rate, higher optimisation rates and are far easier to digest (better bioavailability) than the tablet form. What is more, the tasty drinkable supplements are a much-appreciated alternative to swallowing unappealing tablets – and you only need one each day!

Key Ingredients/Benefits:

1.Marine Collagen:

marine collagen

Collagen is the buzzword and when it comes to aiding in digestion it definitely lives up to the hype. Known as the building block, this protein is crucial for many reasons such as preventing sagging skin, maintaining healthy muscles, reducing cellulite and, of course, for aiding in healthy digestion.  The unique structural properties of LQ’s marine collagen enables this protein to provide ultimate digestive support.


Well-known for supporting healthy digestion and the immune system, the root of the ginger plant has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for those with stomach problems and a poor immune system. Better yet, should you suffer from rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, ginger is proven to improve the symptoms too!

3.Aloe Vera:


Aloe Vera offers an array of benefits, including maintaining beautifully clear and healthy skin.


LQ has combined this seaweed due to the fact that it is loaded with alginic acid, thus providing a rich supply of fibre.

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care Supplements Offer:

liquid health digestive care

50ml Daily Bottles

Scientifically Formula of Which Supports Healthy Digestion

Includes Collagen, Ginger, Aloe Vera & Bladder wrack + 5 Other Active Ingredients

Provides More Active Ingredients Than 10 – 12 Pills.

A 10-day supply of LQ’s Liquid Health Digestive Care Supplements are priced at £29.99 (10 daily 50ml bottles). This means you are ensuring you have optimal digestive care for just £2.99 per day!

You can view and buy these supplements here.

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