Introducing Essentialle’s Remarkable Skincare Range

Should you be searching for exceptional natural skincare that deliver outstanding results, look no further than Essentialle. Made in Britain, Essentialle’s high-performance products combine scientifically researched and proven safe active ingredients to target and treat every skin concern. No matter what skin problem you may have, Essentialle has the solution.

Given the hype surrounding their incredible results and the utilisation of rare plant extracts, we couldn’t wait to check out the highly sought-after Elasticity Boost Toning Facial Oil and Nectar Nourishing Face Oil.

Essentialle Elasticity Boost Toning Face Oil, £65, 50ml


This toning face oil is brimming with skin-loving ingredients that work in unison to hydrate, strengthen and repair. The outcome is a firmer, smoother and utterly rejuvenated complexion. #rollbacktheyears!

Key Ingredients and Benefits

1.Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Not only does this wonder component increase the skin’s strength and suppleness, but it will offer effective lifting and rejuvenating results.

2.Abyssinian Seed Oil

Essentialle has included this ingredient to tackle the problem of dry and dull skin. This oil deeply moisturises, lifts the complexion and adds beautiful luminosity.

3.Radish Seed oil

Radish seed oil is easily absorbed and therefore perfect for moisturising and nourishing the skin. Furthermore, this oil supports the skin’s barrier function, thus thwarting the damage caused by harmful free radicals and prohibiting the onset of aging on the face.

4.Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil


This oil works wonders in preventing crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

5.Olive Oil, Shea Butter And Safflower Seed Oil

These well-known components provide superior mositurising, nourishing, regenratingand softening capabilities for the skin. Dryness and eliminated and moisture is firmly locked in!

Essentialle’s awesome facial oil also combines may chang oil, sweet orange oil and other natural ingredients that work alongside the above-mentioned components to successfully boost collagen levels, re-energise, rehydrate and tone the complexion.

You will be amazed at the results. Fruk loves this!

Revival Nectar Nourishing Face Oil, £70, 50ml


Essentialle’s beautiful Revival Nectar Nourishing Face Oil deeply penetrates the skin, enabling optimal absorption of carefully selected ingredients. These components successfully rehydrate and plump the skin, unveiling an ultimately radiant and youthful complexion.

Key Ingredients:

1.Pomegranate Seed Oil

Essentialle has combined pomegranate due to its amazing skin-loving benefits, of which seem endless. Rich in antioxidants such as ellagic acid, the skin is given superior protection against cancer, skin aging and UV damage. It will even brighten your complexion! Pomegranate offers huge support in fighting dry, mature and sunburnt skin. Furthermore, this component will hydrate and effectively strengthen the skin.

2.Rose Geranium Oil

Rose is one of the best ingredients for restoring balance as well as soothing various skin conditions.

3.Siberian Ginseng Extract And Rosehip Fruit Oil

Aging skin will soon be a long-forgotten problem due to the ginseng’s ability to hydrate, nourish, firm and soften existing fine lines. Additionally, rosehip fruit oil stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens the skin’s elasticity. Loaded with vitamin C, this ingredient noticeably smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Yay!

4. Linden Blossom Flower Extract


This miracle component effectively binds skin moisture, allowing deep hydration and moisturisation capabilities that your skin will love.

Essentialle’s Nectar Nourishing Oil offers an array of other highly researched ingredients such as Gingko bibloba, avocado oil and patchouli leaf oil. These provide incredible nourishing, protecting, repairing and rejuvenating qualities for the skin. The result is unbelievably beautiful and younger looking complexion you will adore!

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