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Introducing Jusbox Perfumes: A Perfect Combination Of Music And Scent

If you live for music, yearn for the perfect scent and love the joy that summer brings, JUSBOX perfumes will feel like a match made in heaven. Inspired by the deep connection between perfume and music, and the incredible effect this combination has on our senses, JUSBOX is participating in the summer celebration ‘Music Matters AT Selfridges’. JUSBOX has created two new luxury perfumes, of which have been formulated especially for this event! The two new fragrances are Live N’ Loud and Feel N’ Chill. We checked out the insanely gorgeous scent, Feel N’ Chill. Read on to discover how these innovative fragrances can transform your mood.

How Does Music Effect Mood?

We all know just how far music can go to improve our mood and lift our spirits – well, know there is scientific proof! Recent research has shown that listening to our favourite tunes not only boosts our state of mind, but also improves our physical health, too. Listening to music decreases the stress hormone whilst releasing dopamine (a feel-good factor neurotransmitter within the brain).

Whether you need to relax, enjoy a better night’s sleep, tackle depression, boost energy levels or even improve memory, music can offer intrinsic value.

How Does Scent Improve Our Mood?

Smell is very closely linked to the limbic system, of which processes emotions and memories, therefore it has a huge impact on behaviour and mood. JUSBOX understand that fragrances have an aromatherapy effect and can dramatically enhance our overall wellbeing. They have extensively researched specific ingredients to formulate highly successful mood-boosting fragrances whereby music and scent work in harmony to create the most positive effect.

feel n chill
Credit: Jusbox Perfumes

JUSBOX Feel N’ Chill is designed to thoroughly relax and fully lift the spirit. The delicate yet powerful notes work in perfect harmony to deliver a highly beneficial aroma therapeutic scent, of which conjures ultimate calm and peace, similar to that created by certain music genres.

Experience the benefits of Feel N’ Chill fragrance by listening to the following music genres and allow the indisputable power of scent and sound to help you to unwind:

Classic and Mainstream

Reggae and New Age

Latino & Blues

Breathe in the fragrance and you will initially uncover the fragrant notes that encapsulate the feelings produced by the steady flow of classic and mainstream music.

Next, Reggae and New age allow you to follow an easy rhythm, preparing your mind to slip into the deep relaxation of Blues and Soul.

This beautiful fragrance combines refreshing musky notes, of which deliver a gentle yet continual positive effect in the order of enhancing optimal peace, comfort and calm.

JUSBOX Live N’ Loud

Live n Loud perfume
Credit: Jusbox Perfumes

Should you need an energy boost, JUSBOX’s Live N’ Loud is the scent to enjoy. Dominique Ropion carefully selected spices, flowers, woods, with undertones of amber and leather, to evoke a powerful energy and vitality.

The music to accompany this rich fragrance is:

Disco & Hip hop

Rock & Latino

Punk & Heavy Metal

The Summer at Selfridges event from 26 June to 18 October at Selfridges stores London, Manchester and Birmingham.

JUSBOX Perfumes are priced at £140.

To view and buy this fragrance visit: www.selfridges.com or nip down to Selfridges and enjoy the ultimate sensory pleasure firsthand.

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